Radhika the Seer's Observations and conclusions

On the way back from school three years back, the thinker snaps into action. the effect: was never pleasant.
To my friends who I barely managed to stay with, with the exception of Hormazd, here's to your creepy features!

okay..i dunno wat gt in2 me 2de,bt i ws really in2 sum wierd theories.here r a few of them...

FACT}---why gaurav patel has such cute dimples.

THEORY}---gaurav nvr talks much.so it cn b assumed tht he doesnt open his mouth much.therefore since there is hardly ne circulation of air inside his mouth a vacuum is created there.nature has a tendency to occupy vacuum.hence his cheeks get sucked right in2 his mouth n therefore, the dimples.

DOC'S ADVISE}---keep ur holy mouth shut.ur dimpies r the best thing abt u.

FACT}---why nyrica is so fair.

THEORY}---during her bachpan, as in 'childhood',nyrica used to hav lots n lots of water.water as u kno is the universal solvent.so because of the increasing proportion of water in her body, the melanin, as in the pigment in the skin tht gives the skin watever colour it has, got dissloved in the water.hence, no melanin, no promised color.n they'd rather say fair instead of colourless.

DOC'S ADVISE}---eat chocolate.might help.

FACT}---why pankti has dark circles.

THEORY}---pankti , like the above specimen nyrica, also has a tendncy to drink lots of water.the water she drinks however does not reach her eyes n the area around it.this is bcoz of her height.the force of gravity pulls all the water consumed by this figure (or monument) of height 5'7" to da ground.hence the concentration of water is not uniform all over her metabolism.also, thanks to her braces, the water reacts wid the ferrum n produces ferric oxide (or shall v call it rust???)hence, the sensitive area around those brown eyes nvr recieves the fair n intended share of water.hence the melanin does nt get properly diluted as like in the other parts of her body.hence dark, n darkening circle.

DOC'S ADVISE}---sit more.therefore the entire body is more uniformly influenced by the gravitational force.

FACT}---why hormazd is ....er....expanding???

THEORY}---u kno its not really all his fault.since the earthquake took place, the north pole has shifted southwards by 2 inches.hence the magnetic field of the earth has also gone haywire.so instead of growing in the north-south direction, horzy grows east-west.

DOC'S ADVISE}---nothing.just pray ur best for the next earthquake.


  1. hehe. interesting theories. wonder of wonders they havent murdered u yet [:P]

    weird reason for ppl to get dimples...i eat a lot yet i have a navel [:P] and why do we all have slits on our bottoms..dont we use em every morning? [:))]

    keeo posting :)

  2. @ Chris
    Ignorance is bliss. I haven't told them.:).


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