High time.

Stupid standing breathing life
Stooping stopping saving life
Ruki saansein but chalti life
Dil toota, par phir bhi life
Peechhe mudke jee li life
Aage bhaage girti life
Lakeeron mein likhi life
Oongliyon se phisalti life
Bina scene kiye yeh life
Tamasha har pal kari life
Kabhi centrestage pe darrti
Audience mein seetiyaan maarti life
Kicking biting kissing life
Hugs se love-hate karti life
Mitti se dhuli hui life
Mitne pe mitne-wali life
Soche-samjhe subah shuru woh
Shaam ko crying-weeping life
Gusse se phatti-tooti life
Kheench-taan par chhoti life
Aur ek minute ke liye
Soti hui dreamy life
Jhoothe high ki wannabe life
Chhupke smiling, blushing life
Ek baar ussne dekh kya liya
Day-dreaming pe chal di life
Heartbreaking si sasti life
Roz Goa ghoomti life
Anti-alcohol mentality life
Tharki friends ke tharki jokes ko
Tweets mein copy karti life
Rona-dhona bhari life
DP change karti life
21-jaise sochti life
14-jaise giggling life
Earphones dil se connected life
Mumbai ke traffic jam mein
Romantic imagination ki life
Pillow-talk mein beeti life
Football se haari-piti life
Superstar ke geek secretary pe
Jaan-lutaati secret life
Dost-dosti-waali life
Lyrics pe chalne waali life
Har scene ka brain-lab mein
Photo frame karti life
Dhunn mein besuri-si life
Komolika-type vamp si life
Lift-music ko gungunaati
Mysteriously smiling life
Madness, maybe, music ke naam pe
Kal aaj hi mein jeeti life.

Day long bad.

This hardly has much to do with the fact that 'all I want' in a pointless statement, because there's always something else that has to compliment it. This piece is being written in a mood to kill and honestly, one day I will.
You know what I hate? We all hate, more like? Disappointment.
It's that nasty little thing that tags along with every action that hopes for something as a logical conclusion to it, but doesn't deliver. Today I hate the fact that perhaps I am a disappointment to half the people I meet but when someone does that to me, they are not forgiven. I don't hold grudges, I just stop trusting. Whom? Humanity in general.
Happens to me in this season. My head's more often in the summer and the rain, and when the leaves start shedding I'm taken by surprise and attacked by pangs of disappointment and a looming sadness. Yes, being like that sucks too. But no one chooses to. I hope no one does, actually. Because happiness also happens just as suddenly.
Like the way this post ends.

My take on work life

The title hardly leaves much scope for guessing. So yes, it isn't that people have been begging for it (though in the ideal world they would) but I need to tell you. 
Note- This is not venting. It’s just a natural note of what I’m watching happen to and around me. #IHateDisclaimers!
For those who haven’t figured, I’m working at Digit 9.0. My job’s promoting brands, celebs, movies, channels, shows- well not singlehandedly, but there’s 43 people the last time I counted in this office, out of which some 8-10 are in the same department as I. According to Kabir, I’m a social media executive. I like the sound of it. The office is bang opposite college so that’s really convenient for when I have to go to college. Neat, eh?
I’d like to tell you about the people with me someday, but no. I’d rather tell them what I think of them personally. I actually already do. It’s still too early for me to decide what I like about them and what I don’t, and we’ve all experienced, at some point of time or other, bearing the brunt of speaking too soon.
My first few days there are done with, and while I still conveniently think of myself as ‘new’, today, a third newer one joined post my signing in, and it suddenly struck me how I am pretty much among the team now. It’s a feeling that deprives you of some novelty, but it’s actually a warm feeling. That you’re there. There’s something I’ve wanted to say for a while now- Teja’ll somehow always remain elder-sisterly special. I know three months into a job, this is almost awkward saying it, but I sometimes look across the table and remember how sweet she was to me. Not used to it, never asked for it. But she was that way. (Thanks Tej, and that doesn’t yet make Bandra the coolest place on earth- Jigi you can take note of that too).
So when I left from a tiring, mindless lecture from college today, I didn’t want to go home that soon. I wanted to call Kabir and ask him if there’s work to be done. Just to hand around there. After which I remembered I’m working the weekend and I have a couple of things to give in before tomorrow evening.
The pages I promote are a personal thing. See the point is, when I’m given some work to do, I’ll do it. But if there’s something that I sincerely want to get done, I’ll go any extent to do it. By which I mean that when something comes along that’s impersonal, I will make all professional attempts to get it done. Yes, I do fail a lot of times, but I try to make things work. There are movies and products that need to be pushed. So I’ll have a regulated way of putting up the updates, and doing the tabs.
That’s what happened when I began working on this movie that released late September (I completely understand that this is my blog, but just out of respect for everything that I’m about to write, I’ll leave the movie’s name for you to determine). Initially, I was banging my head against the wall- the leading pair was debutant, which is to say, not in films, but together debutante. And trust me, not the best actors. The woman’s voice keeps ringing in my head all the time. No thanks to Rochelle, who sounds like her on some terrible days, but I live with it. Anyway, eventually, I got used to the promotions. The people who follow this movie are really enthusiastic, and there’re no two ways about that being the key factor of me wanting to keep that page alive for as long as possible. I even zombie-walk my way to Ky’s table wanting to ask her for work, but turn back half way, figuring that now the deal’s over for this one.  
When there’s something that rings a bell in my head, I’ll give it everything. It has a lot to do with the sort of experience I’ve had, and may not be the most professionally or politically correct thing to say, but I’d rather be honest from the early days of my earning about what I want to mix my faith in. If I personally like it, I’ll stand by it through and through. Like SNIFF. If you haven’t heard about it, take a look at sixteen:nine International Film festival. It has bonded me inexplicably to events and films. I haven’t watched half the classics and I’m rather distant from the film world, but you could say that I know what I’m doing in the middle of a film fest. So that’s when something like India Is steps in. I may sound like I’m promoting the stuff, but there’s no harm in it. It’s international, it’s got films, and it’s got categories and the time limit and the literature is what I’m looking at. I hear SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF ringing every time I see the red-orange banner of India Is. Regardless of how much I’m sweating for it, it’ll be my pet. It’s my new ‘movie-that-released-late-September’. So you’ll get a fan’s review for it from me all the time. If Deepak’s wondering why I’m always on that page, there.
The random stuff now. Before I start blowing the horn in my sleep, I’ll give you the usual list of ‘So-guess-what-I-just-figured’ of sorts. 
  • Bad hair days happen to me too. Who’d have guessed, right?
  • I’m one unpunctual mess when my mind’s not there.
  • Noise cancellation earphones: lets the office sing your name for about a minute till someone decides to physically shake you.
  • They also improve peripheral vision, by the way.
  • Lunch is a grand affair here. Well, till Aijaz strikes.
  • Oh, you can keep kickass wallpapers and stick things all around your desk. That was part of my dream-job prerequisites. Whooohooo!
  • So it does slow down your blogging, but working is fun.
  • I’m a tweet bot. You’ll find stuff in normal conversation weird. #justsaying.
  • Yeah, that.
  • The AC is a WMD in disguise. Again, please refer to the ex-Eskimo Kabir (who’s technically my immediate boss. So sweet he is. No no, not an Eskimo. AC-phile. He’s a 4sqr bot, by the way.)

I conclude this by admitting that I’m starting to like being a working kid. If you haven’t guessed that already, that is.