Day long bad.

This hardly has much to do with the fact that 'all I want' in a pointless statement, because there's always something else that has to compliment it. This piece is being written in a mood to kill and honestly, one day I will.
You know what I hate? We all hate, more like? Disappointment.
It's that nasty little thing that tags along with every action that hopes for something as a logical conclusion to it, but doesn't deliver. Today I hate the fact that perhaps I am a disappointment to half the people I meet but when someone does that to me, they are not forgiven. I don't hold grudges, I just stop trusting. Whom? Humanity in general.
Happens to me in this season. My head's more often in the summer and the rain, and when the leaves start shedding I'm taken by surprise and attacked by pangs of disappointment and a looming sadness. Yes, being like that sucks too. But no one chooses to. I hope no one does, actually. Because happiness also happens just as suddenly.
Like the way this post ends.

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