Wrote it back on Jan 19, 2010. 

That, sir, is where the confusion starts
When my head refuses to hear out my heart
And experience takes over the glimpse of hope
The winds say yes, while the weatherman says, Nope.

That dear sir, is my biggest fear till date
To love so much that I begin to hate
Someday I shall balance the two alright
Till then get torn in this darned fight

That, dear friend is why I stopped so long
My lips refused to burst into song
My hands wouldn't hold a pen steady
The soul was alight, but the brain wasn't ready

That also, is where the dreams now clash
And thoughts are nothing more than a brilliant flash
I'll wait for the minute to pass once more,
And laugh at the hopes my heart let soar.

Two happy monkeys

I'm hanging by his hand on a trapeze
And he's my only safety net
He'll kid around and leave the hand
Because he doesn't know it yet

It's the lingering of his fingers
That strikes me as I slip
I'm falling and I notice that
He too is losing grip

I’m wonder how fast we land
And if we’ll live enough to hurt
I hate to think of his happy eyes
Lying lifeless in the dirt

If I was on the trapeze instead
I’d have never dropped him at all
So I’ll land up dead right under him
And hope I break his fall.