You kinda wonder what is wrong with these girls, you know- statements like 'lets go clubbing sometime etc'... I appreciate the sentiment, really- I started the entire drool business! But there're lines you can't cross.
WHAT am I about, anyway? I just hang around, say a few lines to sound interested, lose interest, and then walk away before I can actually be part of anything. Then I wonder how I land up so lonely.
He was walking towards me, in my day-dream, yesterday. Yup, striding with his million watt smile, appearing suddenly out of nowhere to meet me! Imagine the surprise! And the thought of you turned up, popping right next to me, and again, he vanished. Like I'd feel guilty about nothing. Why do you do that to me? Someone mentioned you in a doze-dream too- and I jumped wide awake. I shall wake till the withdrawal symptoms wear off too, but till then- please stop making it seem impossible for them to.
I hate people who don't deserve what they get, who live with it, and pretend that they deserved it. It's like grabbing something that belonged to me away from me, and then not being able to handle it. I can do better, but will not.
I haven't had orange juice in weeks.
WHY anyone but me should be bothered about my issues, is something I will never know.
Besides, I can forgive liars- cheaters are for someone else to punish.
In a wreckless world with a wounded heart and a stinging truth and no knowledge. Anyone on a suicide mission?
On the brighter side, my belief that not all of my photos are rubbish was confirmed yesterday (or was it the day before that?). Thanks to newly found angles of tilting my face, I've figured how smiling does, like to everyone else, make me look less hideous. Of course, as a result, now I think that I'm among them all.
Friends. And their stories. It's about how seriously we take one another, in th end. And there's a good point, you know, when they say that in the end, it doesn't even matter. Because no amount of pushing about will change what has to happen. So go with the flow, cry when you have to, upset yourself to insanity- because, five years down the line, you won't remember what this felt like.
Yes, I beat myself up too. I can stand in one place, thinking about a past moment for hours, and dehydrate myself of crying. Or I can push away the best of my times, just because I feel like it.
I will, I still will. You will too.
So long as you're happy, you'll stay here. So long as you crave, you will want to stay. And so long as you know you will get what you desire, you'll try harder, fight harder to stay.


A home that lay abandoned
Its tenants strewn aside
The rust claiming its railings
The beauty locked up inside
The home that witnessed growth
Its own and ours as well
A time that was cherished
A story we'd love to tell
No tears can stop the burning
Of the eyes that cared to see
A floor that kept creaking
Like a dusty memory
Who stepped into the garden?
Have you seen the glorious past?
Felt dew dry up on petals?
Was it a spring that didn't last?
What floor suddenly caved in?
What pillar and post gave?
Mirage of a childhood
Under that cement grave
A hum in the splintering steps
That led to a heaven of pride
Who knew what was beyond that?
What secrets the sky would hide?
A tree may stand where once it had
A blade of grass may grow
But the winds will never sweep through
The familiar willows we know
We pass through the neighbourhoods
No scowls, and yet no smiles
A home that no one forgot
A dream faded by the while.
The children now build castles
On sands we’d once snuggle in
Grains of which we loved so much
Corners which we struggled in
The fence now shuts out a world
That once welcomed hearts abound
My home, my heaven, my streak of light
Now lies battered to the ground