Psychadellic i me myself in detail.

What i wrote four days back.

Full Name: Radhika Mohandas
Birthday: 25th August 1990
Birthplace: Mumbai, India
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: Dark brown
Height: 164cm
Weight: lala laaaallaaa…bum bum bummm!!!
Right handed or Left handed: Dexo
My Worst Habit: Leaving things to jus happen till d last minute n then freak out bcoz they wont ‘jus happen’!
Zodiac Sign: Virgo…virgin like it o not
Shoe Size: 5 or 6…they grow n shrink of their own accord
Pants Size: def enuf 2 fit the whole of ur family in it.
Innie or Outie? outie
Parents Still Together? Yeah.
The Shoes You Wore Today: the silver sandals from parla
Your Weakness: moi friends
Your Fears: acrophobic
Your Perfect Pizza: golden corn by domino’s
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: start studying,drop chocolates
Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger: yeah rite.guess wat
Thoughts First Waking Up: wat time is it?
Your Best Physical Feature: my hair I guess.
Your Bedtime: 10.30-11.or I’ll fall asleep half way thru wat I’m doin

Favorite color? Blue,violet,silver
Food? Nething dude
Sport? Cricket n throwball.
Animal? Dogs,actually all other than reptiles n cockroaches n cats
Ice Cream? chocolate
Store? hypercity
Salad Dressing? Gawd knows.i eat nething
Song? Hey there delilah
Letter? R
Number? 7
Gum? spout
Holiday? Mahabaleshwar n matheran
Season? Monsoon.
Toothpaste Flavor? The red one from close-up,or the pink bubblefruit one from colgate
Radio Station? AIR fm Rainbow,fm ye Al
Perfume? it
Body part on the opposite sex? Eyebrows, n nose n jaw,.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Journalist
How Do You Want To Die? Painlessly n before my friends n folk
Turn ons: gud english,u’ll hav me bowled
Turn offs: bad breath n fake accents.
Which One Of Your Friends Acts The Most Like You? :None.i act like all of them.or mebbe they do act like me.hmmm…mebbe manasi n rishanka.
Who’s The Loudest? MEEEEEEEEEEEE
Who Makes You Laugh The Most? Kiran
Who’s The Shyest? Rishanka (or rather was)
When Have You Cried The Most? u DON’T wanna kno
What Is The Best Feeling In The World? Knowing u’v given it your best n being able 2 smile shamelessly at urself wen no1’s looking.
Worst Feeling? :not having done sumthing despite knowing u hav 2, n then bearing the brunt.
Where Do You Want To Live When You Grow Up? India,mumbai,city
If You Could Change One Thing About You What Would It Be? Too lazy gotta get up n move my ass more
How Long Do You Think You’ll Livee? Forever unless someone murders me

Let’s walk on the… wild side!
Let’s look at the…people around n grin
What a nice… smile u gt there!
Where did all the…money I hav go?
Silly, little.. pile o’ poop
Isn’t it weird that…all of us shud wind up being friends
Never under any circumstance…give up
I wish…everybody liked me as much as I liked them
Everyone has a…good thing about themselves they still dunno abt
I am… so full of myself!

Been In Love?uhm yeah I guess
Been To Juvie? Wats dat?
Mooned Someone?wats tht?
Ran Away From Home? yeah
Pictured Your Crush Naked? No..but u jus made me do dat…ewwww
Skipped School? Nt if I cud help it
Thought About Suicide?no
Slept Outside? yeah
Laughed So Hard You Cried? All the time
Cried In School? yes
Thrown Up In School? yeah
Wanted To Be a Model? Eeeeks no
Cheated On Someone? Beneath me
Done Something Really Stupid That You Still Laugh At Today?heck loadsa stuf
Seen A Dead Body? yes
Drank Alcohol? no
Smoked? No
Been On Drugs? no
Eaten Sushi? Japanese or marathi?either way no!
Been On Stage?ever bin off it?
Gone Skinny Dipping? Woh kya hota hai?
Shoplifted? no
Been Drunk?try giving me coke.
Been Called A Tease? Then again,explain
Been Beaten Up? no
Swear? hardly
Sing Well? I think I do
Shower Daily?yes…for goodness sake u mind nt talking hygiene here?
Want To Go To College? sumtimes
Want To Get Married?Now!i cant wait!
Believe In Yourself? Nuthing else
Get Motion Sickness? yup
Think You Are Attractive?ewww no
Get Along With Your Parents? yeah
Like Thunderstorms?wazzat again?
Pray? nope
Sleep With Stuffed Animals? I gt a beady frog I cnt sleep without.
Keep A Journal/Diary? Oooh yeah
Dance In The Rain?yeah
Sing In The Shower? Ya ya yaaaaa!

Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi
McDonald’s or Burger King? McD’s
Single or Group Dates? Single yaar,it’s a date nt a picnic.
Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate
Strawberries or Blueberries?strawberries
Meat or Veggies? Veggies.(I cn think of 3 ppl hu’ll go ‘ewww radhika u like veggies!!’ for this one’
TV or Movie? MovieGuitar or Drums? Guitar…my gatendra aka gats.
Adidas or Nike? Nike
Chinese or Mexican? Chinese,never had mexican
Cheerios or Corn Flakes? Cornflakes.bachpan se bhakt
Cake or Pie? Cakes !
MTV or VH1? MTV,dunt hav VH1
Blind or Deaf? Neither

Do The Splits? nope
Write With Both Hands? A lil wonky wid d left bt legible alrite
Whistle? Yes,and proud
Blow A Bubble? Pretty big one too
Roll Your Tongue In A Circle?ola
Cross Your Eyes? In all directions,dad thought me all the unnecessary junk
Walk With Your Toes Curled? yeah
Touch Your Tongue to Your Nose? Nooo…n now I cn think of 2 people hu’r gonna grin wen they read this.
Dance? Cant stop,its gets me HIGH

You Touched: Manasi,some hi5
You Talked To On The Phone: mum
You Instant Messaged: derrick!
You Hugged: mum
You Yelled At:don’t remember

Time You Laughed? 3 hrs back in class.
Time You Cried? 4 days back
Flavor Of Gum You Chewed? cinnamon
Joke You Told? U don’t wanna kno
Song You’ve Sung? Runaway,the corrs

Where Are You? Home
What Can You See Out Your Window? Nuthin,its too dark
Are You Listening To Music? no
What Are You Wearing? Blue shirt,grey shorts
What’s On Your Mousepad? The mouse?wat else?u want cheese?

Do you believe there is life on other planets? yes
Do you believe in miracles? no
Magic? no
Love at first sight? yes
God? no
Satan? no
Ghosts? no
Santa? no

Fav Eye Color:black or brown
Fav Hair Color: black
Short or Long Hair: nt too short,long sucks unless its mad curly.
Height: taller than me.
Weight: jus d rite weight
Best Clothing: casuals, or kurta pj’s

What Country Would You Most Like To Visit? Italy
Number Of CD’s I Own:30+
Your Good Luck Charm: nuthing,I’m gud enuf to make things go gud widout having to thank sumthing for tht
How many pillows do you sleep with?2+huggy froggie
Do you drink milk? Yeah,wid milo preferable.or milkshakes,coffee rocks!
Person You Hate Most: hmmm…dunno
Do you think God has a gender? Dunno tht either
Where do you think we go when we die?underground in a coffin or burnt up in smoke.dude v dnt ‘go’ anywhere…din ne1 tell u dat?
How many rings until you answer the phone? 2,max 3
What is something scientists need to invent?free functioning brains u cn jus atttach wen u want to.
Are you a health freak?errr…no.
Are you a virgin? As I write this?yes
If you could travel into space, where would you go?everywhere.i love everything about space
What is the worst weather? Raining n me out n nt able 2 get wet.SUCKS
Did you play with Barbies as a child? Yeah.i had 7,complete wid the wardrobe,bathing tub n helluva lotta shoes n clothes n wat nt.

Future forecast??

It’s one of those days when you figure out how long you’ve been around. It starts with saying, ‘Yeah, I know’ to someone. For some reason those three words make me feel all grown up. I avoid using them. Like everything else, I’m in extreme swings of whether or not I want to stay a teenager, or grown into an adult, which shouldn’t be too difficult, or keep growing but act like a kid. The third option is the easiest, but quite a waste of time. I mean all of us have to start acting responsibly right? Okay, then again what am I rambling about?
I made a list of what all I’ll probably land up doing, or simply have to do by the age of 35. It’s an absurd list, but I really don’t remember promising sense on this blog (point to never forget: It’s me, Radhika, the Queen of random ramble, who dare question what I write on my blog?)
Phew. Here it is. All original, and as usual, conceived when I was supposed to be studying.
1. I’ll probably run away from one of my own weddings. Don’t know why but I’m rather sure about this one.
2. I think I can make a great single mum.
3. My job won’t be a stuck up 9-to-5 one.
4. I will write at least one book, and people who like reading will buy it. I don’t want it to be a best-seller, but it’ll be a collector’s delight.
5. My house will be in Mumbai city.
6. I will have at least one dog.
7. A live-in relationship shouldn’t be a problem.
8. My kids won’t go to a regular SSC school.
9. I will have a wall for all my photos.
10. I will have finished reading ‘Word Power’ by 20.
11. I will have a good Home Theatre set.
12. I will have a good car.
13. I should be in touch with all my friends.
It’s not the list the good girl should have. But it’s my list. And now I’m officially out of writing mood. So b’bye.

I met someone I knew today.

I first saw her writing her paper. They all were engrossed in making sure they were right. All but her. She doubted herself. The familiar frown, it felt as if she were finally trying hard enough to get there. She looked at me for a second, and turned away again, fearing that I might ask her to help me. But somewhere down inside, I knew I couldn’t ask her any thing, and I’m sure so did she. I moved on.
She had finally arrived, and she seemed happy.
Later I saw her with her friends. All laughing at something no one else would probably be able to make sense of. All but her. Her eyes were glazed, though the smile was genuine. It’s one of those times when you could make out she’d rather be alone. Yet again she was trying to keep everybody else happy, and no doubt making a good job out of it. But no one looked into her eyes today. I did. And the minute I did, she shut them. I will never know if she missed it, but I saw the dry tears. I moved on.
She stood alone for the bus. They came one after the other. Thoughts and thoughts she never thought she’d think. Everyone was busy frowning at the heat. All but her. The heat from outside was lesser than the fire raging inside. It cooled her down, but did she care? Her mind was away, her eyes still glazed and no one knew that. I felt the heat when I walked past her. How long could I ignore this? She saw me looking at her, and smiled yet again. Embarrassing though it was, I couldn’t help smiling back. She stood there, alone amidst the crowd. Absent-mindedly meddling with a thick strand of hair so familiar yet so strange with a finger.
How she longed to see those eyes again. The warm touch guiding her nowhere. The feeling of mothering something that has lost its way. A subtle feeling of rising power, like standing on a rock above the rest. The beauty of having known the right answers to unknown questions. It was freedom in its truest form, a freedom she craved to cradle once more. Then again, she was just a teenager. How could she have known so many wonderful things at once?
I had been walking without watching where I was going. Suddenly, I felt a slight bump on my shoulder. She smiled, and walked away.

Europe or bust.

once upon a time,a friend and myself made a resolution of packing our bags and setting off on a mission of exploring europe.the not-so-mysterious of the reasons i like myself is the fact that i agreed to be party to this teenage fantasy when i so bloody well know,i dont have a passsport yet.and my ssc certificate isnt proof enough of me being a harmless Indian.
once upon a time would actually imply 4 months back.not that i have a passport..but a lot has changed since.for instance,the idea of the outting is so at the back of our minds it's slipping down my medulla oblongata.for another,i'm slightly less interested than i was in the whole idea. i mean,the hardcore desi i am,why not look around in our vast adda instead of globe trotting and adding moolah to their piggie banks?
what makes it worse is that as of today, i'm better equipped than before in going out and being what i always dreamed (that's my opinion of myself regardless of what others think),rich(-er than what i was 4 months back, n that aint saying much),owner of a guitar (i bought it outta my pocket money..hah!),a goddamned beautiful camera and with enough post-it notes 2 cover 4 refrigerators (do ppl stick them on those neway?).
to add to the lists of 'why-i-shouldn't-b-going', is the mere fact that i think i've got more important things to attend to back here at home for me to choose a Europian getaway.makes me feel irresponsible actually.i'm the last bit of sanity left in this place (only in my opinion,of course).like who'll take the dog down to piddle in the morning?and,more importantly,who's gonna solve sudoku?well no,there are important things i cant leave behind,and getting outta the country isn't my idea of tackling stuff.what if just for a by then well-deserved vacation?
Europe may be the continent of snow and football and churches and an awesome religious heritage.but for some mundane reason,i'm simply not interested.that's called being frank to myself.if you take me to africa i'll probably be happier doing some huka muka dance than i ever will watching tall buildings.though i must admit the churches there intrigue me.courtesy:Dan Brown.the historical part is amazing of course,but how much of the holocaust can we actually relive?
the only europian i've ever been keen to learn about,is anne frank.all because she was a teenager who wrote diaries,got kissed 8 days before she was arrested,both first time but former more impotant,and died because of something she could possibly help.i wanted to read tht book.too bad its too expensive.Anne Frank was a girl who'd seen the same things as everyone else had,but the only one with the creativity to write it down having no idea how much fame it would fetch her posthumously.
And if i do change my mind and hop along to Europe,i'll let you know.but till then i just hope i survive the curiosity Anne Frank passed on to me about her own life.

The Narcissist speaks.

hey dont blame me if this post reminds you of something i'd put up on orkut the other day.
Radhi..abhyaas kar.
Radhi..pasaara aavar.
Radhi..guitar vaazav.
Radhi..Lisa-la khaali gheun zaa.
Radhi..zhopaayla zaa.
Radhi..vel phukat ghaalu nakos.
Radhi..kapde vaalat ghaal.
Radhi..zhaadanna paani ghaal
.Radhi..bhaaji aanayla zaa. probably the busiest person (doing nuthin) u'll find.
there's not much i can tell u abt least right now.i mean,there r times wen i do blab a lot.A LOT.but then ther r also the times wen i'd rather stay shut in my bedroom and hav no1 arnd me..
i'm not some1 people like at first sight.i wudnt blame u if u wanted 2 avoid me too.i'm jus dat way.
i'm shit lazy.
i like wierd the smell of soles of unused new shoes,new notebooks,first rains..n i'm not saying tht jus bcoz other ppl think so.i really love first a nasty baby-ish habit of crying during first rains.
i love sleeping.i talk helluva lot in my sleep.
i'm a gud learner.pick up pretty fast.picked up how 2 hurt people wid my words fastest.
i'm not insensitive.i'm nt sappy eithr.
i like funny people,ppl hu cn make me laugh.but i love people hu cn make me smile.and hardly ne1 does dat nowadays.
i like muzammil ibrahim.and SRK n akshay kumar.
i like staring outta windows,stargazing.reading.not studying.walking till i'm dead tired.running away from home for ppl.singing.staring at ugly me in the mirror.sleeping tight with my hair wet and the frog in my arms.completing journals.using log tables.painting.writing abt everything i want 2.being arnd for friends i cnt live widout.sitting on my window sill thinking abt how advanced the human race is for haing started from a unicellular form 2 now attempting,almost successfully to extract energy from distant stars.spending cash on friends.drinking orange juice.laughing so much my face aches.singing in the right note.rains.and some other stuff too.
i hardly get really angry...even less let people kno.kinda too openminded...i kno dat coz in on of these openminded days my brains fell out.i have my own idea of humour,and that's inclusive of lotta stuff.
i love dancing at parties,and concerts,and DJnites.and college fests.
dont expect me 2 sit and smile at everybody hu comes because i hav 2,i'll do it if i want 2.
i dont do things if i dnt feel like doing them.if i cnt be the empress of the world,so y dnt ppl lemme rule myself?
i hate people hu throw stuff on the wrappers.that's plain stupid and irresponsible.and then u blame the BMC for nt keeping the place clean?evr stopped a rickshaw driver from spitting on the road?they call me capt.planet,and damn,i'm proud of it!
i like A.R.Rehman songs.ang gulzar lyrics.even better if they r picturised on Indian themes.i love my country,but dont hate others.i jus dnt have an opinion abt them.Indian 2 d hindi.
i'm if i evr had 2 start following any religion it'd b Hinduism.
my kinda people wait wid me aftr their class and chat on the stairs,like coming ovr for sandwiches and coffee,love singing.and do crazy things like fainting all over the place,saying 'dude',saying 'eeewww' in a very wierd way,dressng up in skirts wen they're nt supposed 2.doing stuff jus for the heck of it.i cnt stand ppl hu cnt take jokes wen they're nt meant 2 hurt.
i'm my own person.if i wer left alone in an empty universe,i'd probably make my own earth in it.but wud die of loneliness widout manasi,hormazd,rishanka,myron,mum and so many i'd rather NOT b left in an empty universe!


Its my second blog,and i have to admit i'v forgotten the URL's of the first.something like its tough for me to stick to something like blogging for more than a month.its a phase that comes,and only when i feel like it do i write like i've got the world's time to do that.and that's not supposed to be too often.damn damn this is who i feel like right now.damn again.