Future forecast??

It’s one of those days when you figure out how long you’ve been around. It starts with saying, ‘Yeah, I know’ to someone. For some reason those three words make me feel all grown up. I avoid using them. Like everything else, I’m in extreme swings of whether or not I want to stay a teenager, or grown into an adult, which shouldn’t be too difficult, or keep growing but act like a kid. The third option is the easiest, but quite a waste of time. I mean all of us have to start acting responsibly right? Okay, then again what am I rambling about?
I made a list of what all I’ll probably land up doing, or simply have to do by the age of 35. It’s an absurd list, but I really don’t remember promising sense on this blog (point to never forget: It’s me, Radhika, the Queen of random ramble, who dare question what I write on my blog?)
Phew. Here it is. All original, and as usual, conceived when I was supposed to be studying.
1. I’ll probably run away from one of my own weddings. Don’t know why but I’m rather sure about this one.
2. I think I can make a great single mum.
3. My job won’t be a stuck up 9-to-5 one.
4. I will write at least one book, and people who like reading will buy it. I don’t want it to be a best-seller, but it’ll be a collector’s delight.
5. My house will be in Mumbai city.
6. I will have at least one dog.
7. A live-in relationship shouldn’t be a problem.
8. My kids won’t go to a regular SSC school.
9. I will have a wall for all my photos.
10. I will have finished reading ‘Word Power’ by 20.
11. I will have a good Home Theatre set.
12. I will have a good car.
13. I should be in touch with all my friends.
It’s not the list the good girl should have. But it’s my list. And now I’m officially out of writing mood. So b’bye.

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  1. i share point number 4 with u......i wd like to make a few changes though.....a bestseller won't harm my reputation....haha


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