The Narcissist speaks.

hey dont blame me if this post reminds you of something i'd put up on orkut the other day.
Radhi..abhyaas kar.
Radhi..pasaara aavar.
Radhi..guitar vaazav.
Radhi..Lisa-la khaali gheun zaa.
Radhi..zhopaayla zaa.
Radhi..vel phukat ghaalu nakos.
Radhi..kapde vaalat ghaal.
Radhi..zhaadanna paani ghaal
.Radhi..bhaaji aanayla zaa. probably the busiest person (doing nuthin) u'll find.
there's not much i can tell u abt least right now.i mean,there r times wen i do blab a lot.A LOT.but then ther r also the times wen i'd rather stay shut in my bedroom and hav no1 arnd me..
i'm not some1 people like at first sight.i wudnt blame u if u wanted 2 avoid me too.i'm jus dat way.
i'm shit lazy.
i like wierd the smell of soles of unused new shoes,new notebooks,first rains..n i'm not saying tht jus bcoz other ppl think so.i really love first a nasty baby-ish habit of crying during first rains.
i love sleeping.i talk helluva lot in my sleep.
i'm a gud learner.pick up pretty fast.picked up how 2 hurt people wid my words fastest.
i'm not insensitive.i'm nt sappy eithr.
i like funny people,ppl hu cn make me laugh.but i love people hu cn make me smile.and hardly ne1 does dat nowadays.
i like muzammil ibrahim.and SRK n akshay kumar.
i like staring outta windows,stargazing.reading.not studying.walking till i'm dead tired.running away from home for ppl.singing.staring at ugly me in the mirror.sleeping tight with my hair wet and the frog in my arms.completing journals.using log tables.painting.writing abt everything i want 2.being arnd for friends i cnt live widout.sitting on my window sill thinking abt how advanced the human race is for haing started from a unicellular form 2 now attempting,almost successfully to extract energy from distant stars.spending cash on friends.drinking orange juice.laughing so much my face aches.singing in the right note.rains.and some other stuff too.
i hardly get really angry...even less let people kno.kinda too openminded...i kno dat coz in on of these openminded days my brains fell out.i have my own idea of humour,and that's inclusive of lotta stuff.
i love dancing at parties,and concerts,and DJnites.and college fests.
dont expect me 2 sit and smile at everybody hu comes because i hav 2,i'll do it if i want 2.
i dont do things if i dnt feel like doing them.if i cnt be the empress of the world,so y dnt ppl lemme rule myself?
i hate people hu throw stuff on the wrappers.that's plain stupid and irresponsible.and then u blame the BMC for nt keeping the place clean?evr stopped a rickshaw driver from spitting on the road?they call me capt.planet,and damn,i'm proud of it!
i like A.R.Rehman songs.ang gulzar lyrics.even better if they r picturised on Indian themes.i love my country,but dont hate others.i jus dnt have an opinion abt them.Indian 2 d hindi.
i'm if i evr had 2 start following any religion it'd b Hinduism.
my kinda people wait wid me aftr their class and chat on the stairs,like coming ovr for sandwiches and coffee,love singing.and do crazy things like fainting all over the place,saying 'dude',saying 'eeewww' in a very wierd way,dressng up in skirts wen they're nt supposed 2.doing stuff jus for the heck of it.i cnt stand ppl hu cnt take jokes wen they're nt meant 2 hurt.
i'm my own person.if i wer left alone in an empty universe,i'd probably make my own earth in it.but wud die of loneliness widout manasi,hormazd,rishanka,myron,mum and so many i'd rather NOT b left in an empty universe!


  1. the first few sentences gave me the creeps!!!!!I could imagine my Mom hurling imperative statements at me in a fashion similar to the one which u have that explains who asks u to water the plants,etc.....these cousins are carbon copies!hehehehe

  2. @Hardik
    you ask abt these carbom copied cousins??here's something else i realised abt their offsprings- our names are anagrams of each other..mine - one 'a' figure..
    and when referring to the gang of donde daughters, keep in mind my 'cat n kittens' theory!


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