Europe or bust.

once upon a time,a friend and myself made a resolution of packing our bags and setting off on a mission of exploring europe.the not-so-mysterious of the reasons i like myself is the fact that i agreed to be party to this teenage fantasy when i so bloody well know,i dont have a passsport yet.and my ssc certificate isnt proof enough of me being a harmless Indian.
once upon a time would actually imply 4 months back.not that i have a passport..but a lot has changed since.for instance,the idea of the outting is so at the back of our minds it's slipping down my medulla oblongata.for another,i'm slightly less interested than i was in the whole idea. i mean,the hardcore desi i am,why not look around in our vast adda instead of globe trotting and adding moolah to their piggie banks?
what makes it worse is that as of today, i'm better equipped than before in going out and being what i always dreamed (that's my opinion of myself regardless of what others think),rich(-er than what i was 4 months back, n that aint saying much),owner of a guitar (i bought it outta my pocket money..hah!),a goddamned beautiful camera and with enough post-it notes 2 cover 4 refrigerators (do ppl stick them on those neway?).
to add to the lists of 'why-i-shouldn't-b-going', is the mere fact that i think i've got more important things to attend to back here at home for me to choose a Europian getaway.makes me feel irresponsible actually.i'm the last bit of sanity left in this place (only in my opinion,of course).like who'll take the dog down to piddle in the morning?and,more importantly,who's gonna solve sudoku?well no,there are important things i cant leave behind,and getting outta the country isn't my idea of tackling stuff.what if just for a by then well-deserved vacation?
Europe may be the continent of snow and football and churches and an awesome religious heritage.but for some mundane reason,i'm simply not interested.that's called being frank to myself.if you take me to africa i'll probably be happier doing some huka muka dance than i ever will watching tall buildings.though i must admit the churches there intrigue me.courtesy:Dan Brown.the historical part is amazing of course,but how much of the holocaust can we actually relive?
the only europian i've ever been keen to learn about,is anne frank.all because she was a teenager who wrote diaries,got kissed 8 days before she was arrested,both first time but former more impotant,and died because of something she could possibly help.i wanted to read tht book.too bad its too expensive.Anne Frank was a girl who'd seen the same things as everyone else had,but the only one with the creativity to write it down having no idea how much fame it would fetch her posthumously.
And if i do change my mind and hop along to Europe,i'll let you know.but till then i just hope i survive the curiosity Anne Frank passed on to me about her own life.

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