My haircut.

My haircut was free of cost. That artist took me in as a model; well not the slim and trim (ha ha ha) model, the bakra you make sit for 30 minutes so that you can try new haircuts on him/her. So, anyway, she takes me to Khar, to some sidey salon, and she cuts my hair for two hours.
A prologue here: my hair was, before the disaster, 5 inches long at the pinnacle of its length. So a haircut meant, as I told the girl very clearly, that she reduce it to a minimum of 4 inches.
Apparently she hears everything in halves or doubles. So instead of the hair going to 4 inches in half an hour, it goes to 2 inches in an hour.
I kept asking her to not make it too short. But you know these girls, a Sony-Ericsson in their ears makes them 80% deaf. She kept nodding, and when she was done, I was fuming. I looked like the Scribe I remember 8 years back. Even then I wasn't that much of a pleasant sight.
Being the decent, patient person I am, I decided 15 kilometres wasn't all that a favourable place to throw a tantrum.
So, you suffer, dearest bloggie.

Here's todays schedule anyway.

7.45 am: Wakey
8.15 am: Running
9.30 am: Beautician comes over
11 am: She finishes, after 5 10 minute long phone calls.
3 pm: I leave for Khar
4.30 pm: I reach Khar, courtesy a random acquaintance of beautician who meets her at the station.
5.15 pm: I sit for the Cut
6.45 pm: she's finally done with it
8.30 pm: She packs up with Dostini and Saxxxy, equally bored yet calmer.
8.45 pm: I'm running the marathon so that I can collect my cellphone.
9.15 pm: After the cell still not being repaired, I walk off to meet Dostini and Saxxxy who're buying Perennial's cake.
9.30 pm: We leave Vile Parle for home
9.45 pm: We reach the building
10.15 PM: Perennial already knows about the surprise, so we make a few changes, only to revert to plan A

And if everything goes well, half an hour from now, Dabba, Saxxxy and Dostini will be here with the cake, ready to go to Perennial's place for the ritualistic 'surprise'.


  1. fun stufff! :)
    and no rakhi sawant couldnt have done a better job :)

  2. Hell Has painted itself PINK !!!!
    I had a vision of hell like this .. all pink and candy floss !!!!
    so done with the admission headache ??? oh i havent read this latest post !!! by the way tht little intro of all ur fav blogs was amazing !!!! aloks agitation diary !!!! haha well its not good to make fun of such a serious blog ...
    but didnt sumbody say that we only joke about the things that we consider seriously !!!!

  3. Oh by the way darling as u said i did suffer by reading the blog not because of the content ... you are riting increasingly like xorkes by the day and i cant handle 2 xorkes in my blogger life !!!! aawwww GOD save me !!!

  4. @ Mansi
    Thank you! Btw, I'm an avid fan of Rakhi Sawant, and though I doubt her literary skills, she'd have made (to quote her),"A great secretary to Bush had she attended a decent (or any) English school".

    @ Nutee
    Yeah hell's had a makeover, the rouge's yet to come on. admission's a thing of the past, got thru at UPG's second choice!
    I definitely am not making fun of Alok's blog. His writing gets me thinking hard, whatever he writes practically agitates my brains. The seriousness in his writing's what makes it a dotable notebook I love peeping into.
    Variety's in the matter, Xorkes has her way, and then again both of us choose to write in the language we would narrate it verbally. Thank you, though, I admire her blog. And best of luck, 2 Xorkes/2 Hellbounds are yours to read!!


  5. @nutee; hellbound:
    oh thank u!! thank u!!
    hehehe u know why... :) :)


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