The update ticker's back:

1. Scribe's become all cranky, girlish, troublesome- something she missed as a preteen, and she seems to want it all back. I see trouble.
2. Dostini's having tough schedules, hasn't had space to breathe since the time her exams started. Big Sis came and went, and Dostini's still in the panting act. But she's expected to be back to normal (which is what exactly?) anytime now. One person who deserves a vacation, that one.
3. Dabba'a back! wooohoooo! so regardless of what time it is, what season, who died, there's still someone to bore! She's grinning more, runs off into her brain-made Kerala sometime in the middle of the conversation, and then loses overall track of what's being said. Kerala has that effect on people.
4. Lambodar's dislocated his toe. He had a surgery today, and it was hurting him. It hurts to see him in pain, seriously, Scribe wanted to weep.
5. Saxxxy Rakhi's reinstated her love- Japani. Studying has started with new vigour, and so has her friendship with the very naive Bratvita. No one's complaining though, till the time Saxxxy weeps, Vita's gotta be cautious of her words.
6. Perennial Smarty's hardly around, needless to say, that explains Scribe's frowning. College, office, miss the bugger. Birthday coming up on Saturday. Wonder what its gonna be like (***silly giggle in formation stage***).
7. Branded's cuter than ever! Yeah, he's back, and cheek-pulling will continue till the time he finally shakes Scribe off. Dostini's taking up Tamil coaching from him.

That's us.

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