Boys will be boys.

My brother (extreme right) with his chaddi buddies on the benches.
I've learnt my lesson. Watch football only if you want to, not because your crush likes it. Do not pretend to support a team, just because that's the only team of which you know more than 15% of the players. And yes, football is not worth ruining your morning walk, or playing to have no fever at 101 d.f.
Like, my bro and dad are in the living room watching the match between Italy and Spain, each multitasking; dad's designing the new house, Rahul's eating Maggi. I stood the absolutely disinterest for 66 minutes, and then I gave up. It really isn't any point sitting there waiting for something to happen. So here goes my theory: a game with no goal scored by either sides will be boring (ho hum), as none of the teams are as wild about winning. But the second the other team scores a kickie, the game catches on the zing, because no matter what, this team doesn't want the antagonists to win. What a spendid theory. Bravo bravo (Blame that on 3 glasses of Tropicana Twister and 5 hours of sleep in the last 48).
How those guys up there endure the kick-here-kick-there show is a question loaded with several replies.
"Dude! It's football! How can you not watch it!"
"Chhod, you're a girl", what the pup!!! So??
"Arre it's God's game re. You need to be wild about it"...There goes, why?
"It's better than your FRIENDS at least!"...Objection. Sustained!
"I breathe that game!"...For one and a half hours? Oral odour buggie.
And then there come these guys who wear jerseys all the pupping time. Dude, I mean, why? Okay, most of them are really cute Xaviers maal (no, Clarie, not you), but then, do I wear the Team India shirt? Or the SDIPA? They have it on them wherever they go. College, playground (fair enough), birthday parties. You call such guys the 'Fanatics'. Yet these are the same chauvinists who'd blame their gf's for wearing pink more than twice a day. Hypocrites.
And it comes to you big time when they start fighting over their clubs. I'm sure Cristiano has a bloody good idea of what Daison and Pranoy think of him. It's not just in the friends' circle, I have a pair of cousins who've stopped talking because one is a ManUtd worshipper and the other a Chelsea junkie. Seriously?
What bugs me the most from all of this is that when someone gets their facts wrong about a club, any club, these Fanatics laugh at you. Make you feel like an ignorant ferret. A llama. Isn't it 'oh-so-pupping-funny' when I say Rooney plays for Real? Well okay, that's grave, but get the idea. They act as if you deserve the gallows for such a thing. Pronounce 'Baar-kaa' instead of 'Baar-saa' for Barcelona and they glare at you. Dude, here's a really well known thingy. We know a lot more about things other than cars, football and bikes than you do, things that actually help you survive. So the next time you give me the 'you-so-bloody-stupid' look, save your muscles. I'll start.
Here's what. I think guys (guys here, because girls are properly considerate towards other equal beings who know one thing less than the average girl) who live football, are downright faggots. I like everything in moderation, like you care, but if you're breathing football while even making out, I'll find a nice boy for you. All caring, and sweet and delicate. Stay happy, Prince Charming with the football, I'm searching for a guy!
For the eligible football-nuts, ignore the post.
And goodnight, I've got a match to watch.


  1. Bleh.

    I don't like football, while Xorkes here is just as crazy about Manchester United.

    Anyways, lesson learned. Amen.

  2. Yeah and may i add to your misery O hellbound ...
    Man U sucks !!!!
    i wud love to get into another fight with Xorkes over which is the best club in the world !!!!
    well knowledge of football and fanaticism about it is a socail statement these days its like those gucci shoes u may not understand a thing about why they cost you 15 grands .. you may even think in the heart of your heart that they dont suit you .. but hey everyone is drooling over them so flaunt it baby while they last ....
    most of the footbal fanatics ( like Xorkes she's gonna kill me for this .. or realisitically speaking stop chatting wid me .. ) dont know many facts which make those clubs such rivals .. and again its absolutely unnecessary even these rivalries are based on sum petty issue between the supporters ... tho i m still a football fan .. and i shall always stand behind my clud and get into a brawl with Man U fans .... its still all about hipocracy as you said and climbin that social ladder .... isnt that exactly what we are trying to do as bloggers ?? just a thought ....

  3. oh by the way did akshay bore you with his long discription of those stem cells ??? well pardon the poor guy he is passionate about it...

  4. @ Alok
    Each to his own, I still maintain no opinion about anyone in favour of of otherwise of the game. Xorkes never really expressed much about that.

    @ Nutee
    Xorkes supports ManU? News to me. I actually am not much in touch with her. Seldom, actually. I'm glad you're getting my point. Amazing how many shallow things we fall for under the social measuring tape. Things we don't understand. Maybe that a footie fan will say the same thing abt my view, but I aint budging! Convince me otherwise.
    I stopped by Akshay's blog, and since I'm kinda into Biology (the only subject other than English I havent flunked in even once since Junior college), I read it out of choice, not at gunpoint.


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