Hey jot down a few of your most memorable times this year in the comments' column na?
Cheeries, my dearies!

Heylo, we're three days from end of the year, and have no real goals in the head. So I guess it's best to see through the past year!
Of course, I'm banking on my 'write-past-midnight' skill to deliver what could have been a worse post. Happy birthday to all those born on the 29th of December, specially to you, Gigi- my neighbour and the only person in the building who appreciates Secondhand Serenade. And the only neighbour who you get to see twice a year, and still stay on great terms with. She also helped me nurse Simba.
I'm on a horrid spree of indecisiveness. Ranging from people to things to ideas.
The year began with- my 12th. I wasn't really obsessed about it the way I should have been, but there you go- I am not the world's most hardworking person.
Thanks to my mum's acquaintance, Mr. Dighe, though- I did get some hope in chemistry and physics. And mathematics (God bless him).
Feb brought along a lot of studying, and that surprise chill in the begnning. Of course, another Valentine's day gone wonky, with nothing at all- but I live on hope!
March first got exams, then the beginning of a wonderful vacation, all of which you can read on the blog. It also gave me the hint that cupid was hanging around Namaskaar these days!
April got a series of travels and piercing (my nose) and Shiamak and most importantly CEB!! Which meant new experiences and people and shocks and surprises...and the rise of the carrom reign. The class crowd still had CET preps going on. So no point disturbing them. A week with only Dad was great, he let me do everything I wanted- get friends over, play, pierce, dance, stay up to 10.30 on the name it.
May was just pretty much the same, though outings had come to a halt- Shiamak ruled my life. Carrom and Shiamak constituted my life. With a little more on the lovey dovey part.Of course, there was the anniversary issue of CEB to write in...10th batch of students.
June got on with results, Simba, running about for colleges, getting through at UPG (LOVE MY COLLEGE!!), the fact that I couldn't make it to Xav broke my heart- I cried on the train. The really nice thing to happen was the interview with CRY's Irwin Fernandes. Very sweet.
July was terrible. The death, the big fat heartbreak, the awkwardness. Went for a movie with Mihir, who managed to irritate Myron- the guy-who-can't-be-irritated. But the good news was- my college. I met those people who are as of now some of my closest friends.
August was moderately ok. Had a lot of intercollegiate, added to Shiamak. My birthday was on the day of my first presentation. Other presentations followed.
September was happily occupied by projects. And then entered SNIFF!
It has taken over my life since!
October I got a lucky break for exams, amidst those wars against the HoD. Then entered my new cellphone. I adore it. In the end of October I went in for the back-to-my-roots trip to the south- where I met a load of relatives I didn't know existed, and visited some of the best houses in the world.

November was good too. A Diwali well spent outside. My SNIFF work continued, with the battle over HoD still being fought by Khan...and brochures being made and corrected and made all over again. Registration boomed.
December was the most entertaining...what with two of my good friends hooking up, and the WEIRD IV. The after shock was something, relief, stronger bonds. The end was laced by another death on the family- that of my grandpa's brother, the day before yesterday.
Looking for a little happiness as the year ends.

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  1. Just slip into those giggles, and you'll find your happiness.

    Happy New Year to you!


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