Whooopeee New Year!!

Got the idea from Chris' blog. Thanks again.:)
Resolutions are a part of New Year celebrations- you have them once in a high state, and then move on like nothing happened.
This time, I'm gonna stick to mine, if not for determination's sake, then for the sake of getting a boyfriend! Of my choice!!
1. Lose 5 kilos a month, that should get me to human dimensions by my birthday. So that also means:
a. No chocolate (done).
b. No cheese.
c. No baahar ka khaana
d. Gym.
e. Running.
2. Get a boyfriend by July!...enough time to lose weight, start learning to drive, flirt (which I am as good as an antelope with humans). I'm 18, damn you! My mum had probably already decided to get married at this age!
3. Get my driver's license. Which will be done tomorrow. Promise.
4. Get my passport done. Which will also be done by the 5th. A birthday gift to my aunt who has been nagging me, and is even ready to bribe people so that I get my work done hassle-free!
5. Publish at least 2 more articles in newspapers. So that'd mean internship. That'd be a tough one, with publishers having stopped recruitment. I'll let you know when the stuff's published.
6. Grow my hair back. No hair cut. Let it grow junglee till December.
7. Stand first in class. Ankit, you watch out. My projects are going to be something people love watching.
8. Be popular in at least one city college, as an essay writer who doesn't let anyone else win. Big bad girl. Grrrr...
9. Finish reading Word Power. I was supposed to do that long back, but it's better late than never. This should actually be slotted into quarterly goals.
10. Save cash. For buying more Colaba stuff. And movies.
11. Movies only on Tuesdays, unless someone's treating me.
12. No ragging Aakash- I started that today. He stared at me like I was giving away my house to an Orissa victim. The class said, for once in unison, "Yeah right".
13. Not attack people when it comes to arguments, give them breathing space.
14. Paint my wall.

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  1. Woah..14 resolutions? I managed only 9 ! [:P]

    U cant resolve to get a BF..u can put a deadline [:O] aww cmon, thats ridiculous..u dont wanna end up with atleast one of u 2 ending up bitter and depressed..no kidding on this one :|

    Growing my hair back was last year's resolution. Dint work :P So Im doin the opposite this year :P

    I stand first in class always...the rest of the class doesn't respect the prof enough [:P]

    And Happy NEw year Gal :)


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