Whose line is it anyway?

I thought I should pen down some of my favorite dialogues I heard people around me saying. I think they beat any big-shot novelist!
I've also tried to remember who said what, and in what situation. Some come just out of context, but I have a feeling they're worth it.

Give it time
- Manasi to me, when I was in a heartache-cum-euphoria stage.

Arre intensity chaahiye yaar!
- Aakash to a wild and frustrated Ankit, during our EC skit. It didn't make him one bit of difference that 6 other people were on the verge of breaking his empty skull.

Isn't it time you gave some respect to your feelings?
- Pankti, when I refused to confess my affection to Perennial Smarty.

It's not you, it's me
- Everyone I know, to everyone I know.

Being happy, by the way, is very different from being content. You, are content.
- Perennial Smarty, on someday where I was all calm and smiling.

Tu hi meri sukh-dukh ki sathni hai.
- Shriya to Manasi, when I said Collin's gonna be my carrom partner.

Gaandu saala
- Johanna to Horzy, in an orkut conversation.

(More of an exchange, this one)
"Happy birthday"
"It's okay"
- Myron's birthday, and his reply to Sonika.

The world is a big place. You will meet a lot of people. You will meet your soul-mate. You are not alone. Lekin pyaar mein mat padna, log deewaane ho jaate hai. Deewaane hue paagal. Salman Khan?
- Mr. CP Sharma, our economics professor, during a lecture when we were talking about demand graphs. This was the maximum sense he ever made. He may die of excitement if he hears I've quoted him!

Tujhe kabhi pimples ka problem nahi aaya hoga na?Kaafi clear skin hai. Sahi hai yaar
- Dilpreet, on the IIM or IIMnot day. What I didn't tell you, is that all the while I did have the pimples, I was sitting right in your house. Funny you didn't notice then!I was probably the Pimple Queen of my school!

Ab toh hass saale
- Yash, a TY to Vishal, an SY- during the GBM after SNIFF's first day.

Main nirdosh hoon
- Ankit, when Maryam and me trapped him between us on the bench because we thought he was very cute.

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  1. hehe. nice ones.. mebbe ill do something on the same lines soon :d



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