Was watching Karan-Arjun a few minutes back. For a lot of reasons, I shouldn't. Remembered a post scribbled some three years back on my long forgotten MSN blog, or space, whichever you prefer. I've worked pretty hard at editing the post to convert it from hyper-teen SMS lingo which doesn't make sense anymore to legible English.
The central idea stayed the same, only that I have a few positive opinions of SRK these days too.

You ought to know what kind of movies you can watch and you can't watch. I mean not what's 'meant for you ' and otherwise, but what you need patience and stamina for and what comes easy.
But I wish I had realized this earlier..because right now I really can't tolerate some movies I was rather fond of before.
Take for example:

Hum Aapke Hai Kaun.
genre: family, drama, musical..
..had to be...its got a 20-something member family, everyone who's BAAAD at acting, and 13 songs...I won't ask anyone to 'beat that'...because who would want to watch a movie with the same or more songs..
At the age of 6, when the disastrous movie was released...I was head over heels in luuuv with Salman. So it was a must watch for me...moreover I ws pretty fond of (the late)laxmikant berde...whp was soooooo 'funny' for me...and then the best part....I was amazed by Renuka Shahane-Rana who played good ol' pooja bhabhi or jiji in the movie...for, i think, her smile...something like that.
And now...I hav personally banned Salman as to me he is a blot on the name of humanity, laxmikant berde on any of the channels on TV and the TV goes off..and well, Renuka who?

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

genre: family, friendship, relationships
Yeah for the sake of family there lasted without a death, friendship swapped for a stupid crush, and more on anti-relationships than relationships...except if you are gonna count Shah Rukh's always available lecture on 'My mother'
Ok, i was SRK's beti Anjali in the movie, with a hairstyle like Kajol before the interval, liked singing n dancing....and then onwards wanted to go really badly to Simla...and liking SRK was a fad..even 2de. Rani Mukherji was ideal mummy...believe it or not I kinda wished my mummy was a college friend of daddy's and his second wife too...ok, that's sad.
now its soooo can a mother give her 8 year old daughter such an emotional load to carry along?? Kajol's wig makes me wanna throw up, I prefer not dancing in public, and to hell with Simla, Matheran's good enough for me...I can't believe I liked Shah Rukh..he's sooo predictable, its like, you see the first show of his latest movie and you can tell his next dialogue...c'mon man, get a life!! The only thing that's stayed constant is my utter adoration for Rani...she's amazing...unbeatable..WOW!!!

Other movies I fell in love with were:
Raja Hindustani
Mr & Mrs Khiladi
..yes there was a movie like that- remember 'jab tak rahega samose mein aloo'?
Karan Arjun

But some movies which released along the same period but still make sense are....
Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na
Andaaz Apna Apna
Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

I guess like man himself, his choices and opinions also evolve.
I'm relieved mine have.

I'd say that's a fairly good job by a 15 year old, kya?


  1. Paid Rs. 150 to watch "Waah! Life ho to aisi" in a multiplex.

    Have now become immune to any kind of movie.

  2. P.S. "Get a Life!"

    What does that even mean?

  3. Didn't quite get the 'Get a life!' point. And watch 1-2-3 to accentuate the immunity..!

  4. This phrase is found in such common usage, but then, what is it trying to say?

    get a life = do what I want you to do?

    isn't that exactly the opposite?

  5. If you're seriously asking, it means 'try something un-cliched, new, trendy- something that makes people feel you're alive, not some athaarvi sadi ka uncle'.
    Geddit? 'coz I'm not sure I did.

  6. laxmikant berde was a good actor of marathi cinema....too un-glamourous for hindi cinema.. may his soul rest in peace..

    Raja Hindustani -- not my fave...
    Mr & Mrs movie..akki and kader khan..super!!!
    Karan Arjun .. shah-rukh n kajol hai yaar...super...and there is rakhee..."mere karan-arjun aayege"

    Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na -- super super super debut of shah-rukh-...he is the king...of course akki is prince!!!
    Andaaz Apna Apna -- aamir/salmaan/paresh rawal...suepr super cool..."yeh teja teja kya hai..yeh teja teja" ... "gangmaster gogo!!!" hilarous!!

    Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar -- this movie was good..but go pissed off when found out that it was completely copied from some english movie..

    SRK == king khan (best romantic actor)
    Akki(Akshay Kumar) == (best comedy/action guy)
    aamir == good at wierd roles(hate his off-screen persona)
    anil kapoor == the real evergreen actor..
    shit i forgot..ur blog..

  7. Tell me about Laxmikant Berde! I never doubted his acting skills in Marathi cinema (trust me, I have my more-than-fair share of that!), it was his unwavering tone that freaked me. Super sonic- urgh!
    I was ridiculed for 9 years after I childishly claimed I liked the movie, with no one to second my opinion. My friend Collin, however, once declared he liked it too. I hence have no shame in admitting, Haan, maine bhi Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi pasand ki
    The Suraj Thakur in Karan Arjun happens to be a close friend's father. Asif Sheikh, is the name. We keep calling each other "what a joke". I still watch the movie, for pure melodrama.
    Kabhi Haan.. is SRK's personal favourite. He's the entertainment factor in every movie, whether or not the storyline makes sense.
    AAA- is unchallenged. I have a neighbour who unabashedly swears at anyone who thinks otherwise.
    JJWS-I didn't know it was stripped! All the same, for a remake, it's quite a good movie. Others that have been copied have made little or no sense.

    SRK-you wish you had every character he played somewhere around you in real life, except the Anjaam SRK.
    Akki- Head over heels in love with him, since 'wicked Sunny'
    Aamir- Won't spend priceless, irreplacable money to go catch up on his films, unless it's dad's.
    Anil Kapoor- great consistency, for an actor getting his type roles while his daughter debuts in the industry.

    Yeah, my blog. But the comment segment's your territory :P
    The content was written in 2005! Opinions do change!

  8. hehe. i too cant help laughing when i remember how crazy i was about movies when i was young, in kuwait, where Hindi movies were the only connection u had with Hindi. I mostly watched amitabh movies,...even crappy ones would do :P

    Then when i came down to India, I would make sure I watched every new movie that released:P EVERY one of them :P

    Sample this list..onder if uve even heard of em

    "Teesra Kaun"
    "100 Days"
    "Haye Meri Jaan"
    "Paapi Gudiya"
    "Prem Qaidi"
    "Aaj Ka Ajooba"

    I can go on, but...I see someone falling off the chair already :P

    Now i hardly watch any movie

  9. ajooba was ok..
    100 days was also ok..
    paapi gudiya was copied from "childs play"

  10. 100 Days was nice, actually. Different from other scary stuff. Paapi Gudiya was ridiculous. Karishma gets 'pappi' from the 'paapi' right? Or you could call those teeth marks a 'hickey'!
    I would recommend Gunda to you guys, 1998 flick by Mithun, directed by Kanti Shah.


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