We and me

So we walked the distance today
Held hands, smiled about
We tried to show we're two best friends
And said we'd always be around

Then there were others who called it love
and then there were few who didn't understand
That the connection was somewhere deep in our hearts
And not just lost in intertwined hands

We walked through fields of yellow flowers
And walked through rain and sharp stones
We walked through thorns and walked through clouds
And places where our feet froze

On our journey to hell and back
We met our friends, we battled our foes
What we feared we conquered, what lost was gained
Feelings and thoughts beyond our know

Then came the day when my friend's heart vanished
To someplace he didn't reveal
He lied to keep her secret safe
And made bruises in me that still won't heal

What he betrayed was a trust of a friend
Who promised to stand by till the end
What he missed on his way to woo his girl
That he'd left half of him in a ruthless world

Sometimes time does heal all wounds
Sometimes, it just forgets
Sometimes one friend only gives
While the other unintentionally only gets

It could've been that it was love
That he felt for the maiden fair
So I was blind to hurt and bleed
Life's little games aren't always fair

Today we stand still smiling well
And trust stays hovering more than ever
I found a way to live with cuts
We and me shall stay friends forever.

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