About a 17-and-a-half year old me.

An awfully long time back, when Roadies 5.0 was still on air, I'd written a common 'about me' for Facebook and Orkut. One of the my favourite, hence has probably written after a glass of 7UP or at 4am. Those are the conditions when I give out good stuff.
I liked it a lot, so what better way to preserve it than to copy-paste it to your blog. Yes, I am extremely sleepy.
I shall now finally write a fresh about me, keeping this one in mind.
Do read, mindlessly.

My current BIG crush is Rannvijay. Hmm…the ‘Roadies’ fellow that’s right. Another thing about him, For the people who this might make sense to. He does resemble one guy I’m really confused about.
Also the fact that I’m officially out of love. It’s like this: you’re a swingy, see-sawy teenager with not even the basic control of hormones, and when there’s a ‘void’ is your assumed love-life, you grab at whatever’s in sight. Something like the drowning man and the straw story. So you grapple, and in my case..it’s something of a life-saver. But one fine day this supposed ‘love story’…well you grow out of it. Distance makes the heart grow fonder only if you are a character from Shakespearean era. It just gives you time to look at other prospects, compare them to what you had at first, and lo! You have a contender for your premkatha.
If this goes on for too long, you either
1. keep bumbling around like a nymphomaniac who’s all gaga over the slightest suggestion of maleness (which did not happen in my case)
2. you grow bored, start seeing a happier life without crushlet interference, and then enjoy it like those really bold middle-aged women you read about who’re just out of a tragic marriage and go living their life with the occasional kitty parties, take up hobby classes…blah blah.
My case is not so boring. I’m not the kitty party type, won’t take up hobby classes…’I know everything you see, and most importantly, I’m not exactly a middle-aged divorcee.
Today, even without chemical equations and De Broglie’s hypothesis, I feel..or I know I have a lot to learn. And in turn in the past two years I have learnt a lot. From textbooks, people, traffic jams, friends, crushes…everything I passed through. I’m proud to say I know a lot more about how my life functions practically than most other people my age. For them what counted were the marks. For me, it’s the learning.
My dream guy **ho hum** is 6 feet tall, can dance, is really smart with words, and loves dogs. He could have a stubble, and also be a genius. For that matter, he's real, just tooooo far away these days!

Hey giggle giggle.


  1. you know you are crazy...in a good kind of way...
    brings back memories of my college days and college crushes...the cool girl...the girl-i-can-talk-to-about-anything...the girl-who-always-smiled...the girl, etc, etc, etc

    may you find the guy of your dreams/imagination...

  2. I love people calling me crazy. It's like someone calling the normal girls 'cute'.
    Thank you!
    And yeah, I hope I do too.

  3. HEy, is it ok to possess any 2 of the traits u want? :P

    I cant Dance...and Im only 5"10(damn 2 inches)

    But I love dogs..and Im too good with words(i think) :P


  4. oh you could possess all of them, really- but I still wouldn't say its much use. At least in my case anymore. But try the other girls...quick way to have them drooling.


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