Thank You, Blimey Mighty Morons *Burp* (TYBMM 'B')- Part 2

Post-ACS, life seens a little less worthless and a little more breathy. This next set of dedications is to the next lot of colourful people, who flitted in and out of my continuously moving mind frame. Also, I figured that many of you guys may have no inclination to know what I think of you. So don't read it. But if any of you don't want me to write about you (sorry, the 10 of you published cases, but that's the tragedy of having the respective last names), please call me up and tell me. Of course, it does get to my discretion and how much you have pleased me and my appetite for the past 2 years, but give it a try, I may be in an exceptionally forgiving mood.
Meanwhile, suffer.

2008.3.066- Trupti Mistry aka Bench-chhod-na!
Uhmm, confession, you first reminded me of Shweta Tiwary- good or bad, you decide. The long tresses, the drama queen eyes and the highly animated speeched made me confident that if I die an early death (back then this thought came up during C.P. Sharma's lectures), then someone can carry on my legacy of wildly gesturing in the class. Though not as wildly, but yes- you're always a strong contender for that one. Be it dance, the endless presentation rehearsals you've had with yourself or the integrity with which you once cornered Ankit (Yessir, you appear again- though why Trupti fought with you I forgot) and blasted him, you've got spark, woman! The frustrated answers and the eye-rolling add to the glory. My favourite memory of you? "Mera portfolio le na!" I was wondering what made you think that I was THAT good, but for a Dairy Milk? Anything!

2008.3.067- Prerna Mukherjee aka BongBrains
Singularly the calmest, nicest, and most mature girl through FY and SY. Of course, the others existed, but you're calm waters. My memory of you starts before I even met you. Now, stop thinking if you're getting the wrong ideas, but apparently our mothers shared a rick from UPG to Bhavans in the long-forgotten admission days. Ah what a cosmic connection! Then you start springing the surprises. 1. You sing! The calm, soothing tone was pretty supportive of that. 2. You're part-time training to be an airhostess. Dude! Talk air! I'm an Air India baby and anything related to aviation and I feel like we've bonded (Bong-ded for you..uhm, not funny enough, na?) well bonded for centuries. And then comes the final 'oh-my-god-this-woman's-awesome' strike...street hiphopper, and Shiamak's first privileged external faculty? Thou takest the crown, mahn! I sincerely miss the 'theek-aahe-aahe-mee' girl of my class.

2008.3.068- Neel Nagda aka SMS-Scream
Probably a memory you'd never wanna relive, but I remember what you had to do when the ragging session was on! Trust me, the entire, go-down-and-propose idea was too mushy for imagination, and when you went down to the ever-colourful Rashmi, I wriggled in my seat. Not because I didn't like the combo/feeling etc, just because the live version was a thousand times mushier with a guy whose hair I couldn't make sense of doing it. And I still can't figure your hair out, so yeah. You weren't exactly talkative, but I never missed the live version thanks to....SMS! Kahaan kahaan se kis time par KYA message bhejta tha! All mushy looouuu wala texts, and JUST when I'm expecting someone's important text or really looking forward to sleep, or almost asleep and wake up with a start...I tried being immune to the timings, but nope, 12.05 am, Neel Nagda HAS to flash (the name, doofus) across my screen. Still, that's made you sorta immortal in my world of texting, so cheers :)

2008.3.069- Ankita Palan aka Palan
Of course, thanks to your namesake, you didn't have a variety in a nickname, but hey, neither did I. Well, the pioneer of vocals in the Mini-Gujarat society of TYBMM, you've made one entertaining package through these years. The dramas, then the contact lenses, and the kickass eksent- it shall live in our hearts. And our ears, but yeah, hearts being more important. The media planning project is the only one I remember, honestly, where we've worked together ("What a conincidence", said Shobhna, "Radhika and Radhika, Ankita aand Ankita!" ha ha) you're someone who I'll always related to songs, and for some random reason, Asha Parekh. I don't know why! Aur ek secret bataau? It took me a lot of time to figure the difference between you, Prachi (Patli waali) and Manali.

2008.3.070- Khyati Panchmatia aka Karaari Nachaniya
The agitated tigress. The vocal lion. And the stern teacher- add to it "Yeh bola hai, yeh masst bola hai"- and you have the most eccentric genius of TYBMM. You weren't there in FY, so no apologies for not remembering you! But when you say SY- the orientation zooms into view. Baawre and Powerless were not only eye-openers for your talent, experience and expertise, but about aspects of recognising people's attitudes as well. How you pulled any of the Orientations off is a wonder. Also, the major part- and I used to get MIGHTY ticked off because of this- The laughter and the distraction during everyone else's presentation, which was NEVER taken in good spirit when you were subject to it! Dude! Relax! Besides, we've never had a maar-peet with Sagar before. You, dear girl, gave my class a lot of firsts, and I'm proud of that.

So much for now, the next darlings will star in the next issues depending on how the hormones work around me. Pray for my papers, and subsequently, I'm sure yours will shine too.

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