Out of the closet

I am a Valentine's Day junkie, and I've no qualms admitting that anymore.
Yes, I want to be asked out on this day.
No, I don't mind the pink-routine. Or the flowers, or the chocolate.
I do keep a check on who is asking who out.
I love the way everyone's all glittery in their brains on one day.
I hate it when Manasi and I (and this time, Clarie) will be sharing the mourner's cake. No, I love the mourning- hardly anyone does it with cake- but I hate being single. I mean a lot of people tell me that it's the best way to be. Alright, maybe it is. You learnt that after heading the other way too. Now, let me learn the lessons firsthand. Thank you very much.
I don't mind the cliche- everything else I do is not, so this one thing, this once, I want it to be differently the same.
I want this entire world of people to go crazy over each other.
I'm screaming whatever I'm writing right now in my head.
I hate being all pseudo-intellectual in this matter and calling it over-rated. Is Holi overrated? NO! So neither is V-Day!
I want flowers too.
I want someone to gush over me.
I want to giggle like I'm back to 14.
I think it's alright for me to be asking for these things, because suddenly, I've decided to get out of being a closet-junkie and flaunt what I really feel.
I want to see people holding hands.
I want people to know how much 'falling madly in love' (there, after 3 attempts I finally type the 'L' word!) means to me and how I'd love someone to feel the way I do about it.
I know I'm cracking up, but I want to be honest and grin about it on Monday.


  1. wow..good and honest ... !! i dont think accepting that you like valentines day has anything to do with intelligence .. i mean in a good way.. its got more to do with heart.. as for me... I used to like it.. but like a defeated captain.. with tons of sarcasm I don't really like it..

  2. Another Romantic.. And a hopeless romantic at that.. Welcome to the club RM..Subscribing!


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