Thank You, Blimey Mighty Morons *Burp* (TYBMM 'B')- Part 3

I know I haven't been fair. But let's say I've had a lot to do in the past few months that this post should have come up in. In any case, I'm happy to tell you that now seems to be a good time to let ze emosaans filow, and the words to start forming- because TYBMM B seems to be in love with itself (wooohoooo) and I love being a part of the madness. On the other hand, this lot of people has an unjust imbalance- there're so many I should've known better! Then again, here goes.

2008.3.071- Karishma Panvelkar aka Kalyan-ka-nahi-karat?
A lost face wondering what spastic society volunteering she signed up for. With a fleeting glance, you know she's been up all night (add some booze there) and really not a part of the usual crowd that enter TYBMM B's holy gates- i.e. her abysmal attendance records stun the blacklist. Revered by yours truly for having impeccable hard-copies- yes I remember psycho, you did that single-handedly- her only constant best friend till date has been in the opposite class. Here's something- I always thought you were Gujju. No clue why. I haven't really shared much space with you, na? Except for the time when we both couldn't shake the na-na-na from our heads for hours post Rock On, and when we turned into Grammar Nazis in Sem 2- the ride has been like Navita ma'am's lectures- rare, not exceptionally memorable, and fairly pleasant.

2008.3.072- Jaykumar Paradava aka Vacation-man
With the average learning speed at Mach fifteen, Jay sir, aap chhaa gaye. The guy with the shy smile, specks- I often messed up between you and Raval, the only one willing to actually conquer his vices and set the record straight- I won't believe if there's a single person who would want to change the way you are. Especially since you evolved so wonderfully yourself. Something to remember would be how you asked for sometime to learn before you were asked to speak in class- Agnes Ma'am, yaad hai? And of course, the famous Tahira ma'am entry- for those who missed it, she let him in because he smiled! I went 'aaawww' there...The plays, the dramatics, and the drama- this guy is one helluva success story. And as for the nickname- Jay! Surat do hafton ke liye chhod de! Please attend!

2008.3.073- Ankit Pareek aka Pappa
Bartman. Father-figure. Love-detector. Complete, thorough, and partner-pervert. You had us listening the minute you said, in favour of live-in relationships (because she couldn't find much else to talk about). Like we've agreed upon, only a 3D loser gets into a merit list thrice. Sincerely, eugh. But all through, if there was anyone I would want to spill it out to, it was you. I mean, what was the point of not telling you anything? You already knew! The presentations and the geeky remarks about what actually is wrong with the world, the conviction that silly is not cute- it's silly and the high forehead gave you the air of wisdom (and sometimes, in the rarest cases, wis-dumb) of playing bade-bhaiya (or Bhai-sa) to all of us. Keep the wisdom flowing, may God/wife earn you a Royal Enfield!

2008.3.074- Krishna Parekh aka Lambi-Race-ki-Ghodi
Yeh bandi masst hai. No, seriously- which is how she stays- pretty darned serious. How many of you can actually point out glitches in the her silent, strong, and consistent pattern of working in the past three years? She comes in with her bag over one shoulder, glides soundlessly over to her bench, and for the rest of the day, you know that one corner's been taken care of. AMR happens to be the first project we're in together (agar pehle kaam kar chuke hai saath mein toh bataa dena boss, memory card full hai aaj kal)...but there's this reassuring thing about you. Something that says, ki homework ho jaayega, tu tension mat le- and for the likes of us lot, who'd rather do the baahar ka kaand, you, are a life-saver! And one more thing, tera dimple is, bas too cute yaar!

2008.3.075- Urvi Parikh aka Morcha-girl
Initially, I was scared of you. Kab phategi pata nahi chalta tha. But then came the antaakshari and the jokes and the madness that Brand-Urvi-Parikh brings along...with of course, bonding over the fact that we're that rare breed of Science pass-outs, and almost extinct in the sub-category of girls in that type. For some reason, you always reminded me of having to go scream at someone...a point which was elaborated when we bulls-eyed on that Haryaanvi aunty at Juhu...throwball practice yaad hai? Kya yaar, like I said- there's no student-inspired drama nowadays in class...sab professors hi karte hai! Promise me, that wherever you are (i.e. Ad or Journo or well, WHEREVER!) you don't lose that one mad glint in the eye that says, I'm out to get you, or well- let's just dance!

Phew. The third edition required a lot of recall power. I shall now put down my sword, hope for a lesser number of 'post-kab-aayega' looks from the already bored class, and well- rush to the bed.
The next few- thou shalt be in, soon!

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