Sleeptalk? Id Talk?

Pushtiie S, and Yash Raj TV- I'm out to sue you.
Thanks to you, now I'm all sappy and waiting to find a foopid prince charming amidst this clutter of TYBMM all over.
I also now believe that I have an existing, albeit television/fiction, which is NOT fiction, twin.
Besides, you have created the need for a person who I aspire to be married to in someplace I shall aspire to work, who shall be my boss, and not-so-cute at that, in fact- the bachpan-ka-dost/neighbour/knight-in-shining-armour is distinguishably sexier.
Which comes to the worse part- I don't have many bachpan-ka-dost-options thanks to a dance sequence by Their Royal Sathini'd Highness's- Madame Manasi and Shri, that you have zeroed down to make him the hero of your fat baby, who returns after some random number of years. Thou arst dead, after killing me!
The final problem- is that every single day, I spend one whole hour willingly sapping up your make-believe Mahi Way.
Mahi Talwar has done the most random thing I'd written in my bucketlist- she ran away from her own wedding. HOW can you not love her?
Her hair ends in curls. You could have made it straight! Why oh why?
I received 24, repeat- TWENTY FOUR calls on the day this show premiered. I don't get that number for a MONTH under normal circumstances.
I'm a sucker for chocolate. But I'll grant you that- who isn't?
Viraf Patel. *Drrrrooooooooooooooooooool*. Period.
Thin, style-icon, fussy best-friend? Make that two!
WRITER? Couldn't you have made her a kindergarten teacher? A secretary? A COBBLER?
One glaring difference is, DDLJ- No, seriously, can't stand that one.
But it's YRF. Phhbbt.

I'm willing to bet everyone who's watched it knew that they were the Mahi of their own life. Seriously, you need to have that romanticised picture of yourself, to believe in mushy tv soaps. But hey, so what? If believing that there's a cuter life for choice for me makes me an idiot, I'm an idiot.
I totally encourage going all 'Oh-my-God-that's-so-me' in any series. I could be Monica, Mahi and Geet for me, you could be your favourite combo of characters, and the world can be who they want to be. You've gotta know that you're the only one who judges you. So if there're benchmarks, they can be what you like, na?
So my hero's out there, my face and the whole of me will stay a perfect circle, but who defines what perfect is? Is a size zero perfect?
I'm shape zero, take that!
I do believe that one day, Nerds will take over Humankind- I shall oggle at them mercilessly. Till then, we shall all be at the mercy of those perfect sixpacks and slim curves.
It's not about the relativity, but I hate Mahi for making it seem so real. Like I deserve a happy ending, almost fairy tale-like. But why not?
I'm missing the point.
What this series has taught me, or us, is that the perfect you that you can be, is the imperfect you you are. Geddit?
I hate Jassi for becoming all babe at the end of it, it's like saying, nerd is cool- but at the end of the day, chic (and this is no spelling error) wins. But Mahiism says, at the end of the day, burger wins. I like the way it sticks through their ideology consistently. That's important, na?
I'm asking too many questions.
Ramblings of a sleepy mind :P
Good night, world. I have to fall in love with me again. Ciao.


  1. i dont watch soaps/series regularly...but i happened to watch 1 and half episode of was a bit girly but at least it seemed real than brainless/over-dramatic shit of d.m.g.

    its bout loving wat u hv ..nd enjoying every bit of it..and ddlj is gud..but i hv watchd it only 2 times

    *i hv a crush on geet*

  2. Hahahaha! i told you you were like her the minute this show premiered (i guess that would make me one of the 24 :P) but its nice to see YOU noticed the similarity too :)

    And please introduce me to said style icons... i have realised that my closet has not been renewed for the past 8 months! its painfully predictable now.


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