Bad days come and go. See the silver lining? It's in the head. Maybe one day we'll have you tell me that.
Highlight of today, post the work chaos? It was singing 'No man can ever love you like I do' itna zorr se between Chakala and Model Town that I felt a bit of me fly.
I was happy.
Really happy. What a song to sing aloud. To smile aloud.
You know what happened after Model Town? The wind.
Today's to a dog. It, under ideal circumstances, would have been her 11th birthday. Stupid dog, but beautiful.
Anyway. That's about it.

Just a thought though-
If there's something that's hurting you, & making you smile- which do you turn your back to?


  1. You mental emoness :)

  2. i try to turn my back to something that hurts and look to something that makes me smile


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