Quite a day, today.

Saw 'Once'.
Fell in love. Twice.
And now, there's a face to the little joys, and the bigger ones.
Heard some more music, was made to hear some more.
Will anyone else ever understand the importance of 233, 40 and 6?
Will I express myself?
Did I?
Too many dreams in one little mind.

Of course.
There's the MusicDip element.
That's another long, funny story.
Then, there's Tanya's blog.
She'll have one too. When it is time.
When the words deserve her.

Quite a day, today.
Of resolutions. Determination. Expectations.
And the element of surprise.

"Ah, but Harry..."

Could anyone have been happier?
Could things have been better?
Am I to expect the worst tomorrow?
Will Murphy prevail?


Then again- maybe not.

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  1. :D You adorable thing! You sure know how to make someone's day! You just did :) Just stay okay, just stay :)


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