It's something to do with stories.
Yesterday's 'Once' dose touched me somewhere. I'm not shaken beyond belief and floored forever. I'm just wildly ready to believe that every incident that happens in my life is a life-changing event again.
People fascinate me beyond reason. While somewhere it isn't encouraged to talk to a stranger- My parents will ask me to delete a LOT of people. From all my lists. True story.
But stories interest me. Just when you should have turned your back to someone and instead you looked them in the eye (instead, by the way, is the bitch that works both ways) and say hello. Or whatever. You could reply with a thank you, or reply with a thank you and a question and push the conversation ahead. Set the ball rolling, as the they say.
Also, I've repeatedly convinced myself that I'm the extreme people lover-hater. I could shut myself up for hours and then cry for not having someone to come and ask for me. I need all the attention I think I deserve. All the time. Which is why I'm very difficult to be with. Friend-wise.
The thing is, I really think we're a lot of people told time and again that we're just one person. That sucks. We're not. I am everyone around me. I can choose who I am today. What part of them I am today. That leads us to major identity ghotala, but haven't you ever felt that spark when someone drove himself or herself as crazy into conversation which in most circumstances you'd have never have been in the circumstances to have?
The past few months have changed a bit of me. I let go of some of the inhibitions I never knew I had. I made someone laugh.
I giggled.
I sang.
I know I'm coming across as a total schmucketty schmuck, but those things would never have happened had it not been for there being someone to share them with.
Today, is and will always be about people.

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  1. My oh my! And this piece of yours has officially blown me away today.


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