Into hiding

And a very good maaaarning to ye all. Let's get straight to the point- I miss Facebook. And Gtalk, and everything else that my recent decision to go into hiding has forced me to give up. The purification process (I thought 'reclusive' would be a little too severe) has taken its toll on me, and now I spend hours staring the the screen, unable to sign in to chat, talk to all the people I can't do without even for a day.
For all the people who are die-hard Hindi film fans, you've definitely heard that thingy they say about how you should never turn mack once you've taken a decision after scouring the skies for an alternative one. It's deadly true, ye know!
Like here's why I think so... just yesterday, I made the mighty error of signing in to the facebook chat for not more than 20 seconds, and a friend said a simple 'radhi'.
It drove me buggers.
I not only realised how much I missed talking to Dilpreet (hi!), but also how much signing in to a conversation was a lifesaver for me. I need people to talk to me. As much as I try to be reclusive, I've figured that unless I do get someone to notice that I exist, I'm most likely to frustrate myself into tears.
One really funny thing I have to share- when I sent out an sms to all my friends saying that I'd be switching my phone off, I got a queer bunch of responses. While some didn't bother to sms back, the others replied saying stuff like-
Malik- beti u r MAD!!..Pappppaaaaaaaa
Neha- Are you still mad? did I show any signs of recovery?
So yeah, they thought I'd lost it.
Some others treated it like a suicide note.
Roopali- don't worry yaar, whatever's wrong will be ok, just smile, life will be better...Words to that effect. Psychotic me :D..Roopiiii you're tooo sweet yaar! Madhuri D!!
It told me a lot about my friends- they think (or maybe 'know' is a better word) I'll never be able to last a week without my friends. I'm gonna prove them wrong :D.
So in the meanwhile, I was also hoping people would call on the landline, but it doesn't look like they've got any urgency to do so. A little saddening, but I'm sure they've got reasons and better stuff to do.
So for the month, I'm off direct contact on my own account for everyone I really need for survival. Missing the internet too...
(About the 5 line online exchange- slas, thanks to a tyrant younger brother, I had to cut short the conversation online, and coil back to my lonely misery, but yes, 5 lines made my day! So after this month is done with, I shall never put my cellphone off, my chat status as offline or do anything that cuts me off from this place!)

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  1. Err..I used to try and do that..but..not more than a day.
    The only time when I go into hiding is..while on trek or something

    good write up
    ps: Stumbled across the blog.


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