Holi, who?

It's nearing Holi, my 'favourite' time of the year. You know this time's gonna be a little on the dull side. It's all because, well- I don't see the point of it.
1. You're wasting a lotta water. For getting dirty.
2. The building's just been done up and it really looks pretty these days. Why spoil it?
3. There's no space for the pyre. Unless you count the- well...NO space!
4. I just don't wanna play!
Bored to death. Not been studying. Day dreaming (no, not complaining about that!), but hello! Where's the zing gone? Or maybe it dragged off with the events of last summer. No repetitions needed, right?
So, getting on with errr...'life'(?), I'm having a pretty good time. Sheeeesh, funny saying that in a lousy mood.
My FYBMM looks like it finally is getting a common base, and my suicide bomber rage about having everything to do with it is paying. I hate people who swear at me. Inferior Protozoans.
I am so out of love right now. I'm tired of link-ups, and real gymbos (male bimbos, for those in the dark), Like, here's a list of what I need in a guy:
a. Sense
b. Courtesy
c. Insanity
d. Superior intelligence than saying, "OK, so what else?" in a conversation. Good linguistic skills ('anyway'- not 'anyways', a general non-use of 'whatever', no making up sentences like 'shak Bhaaji jhagda jhagdi')
e. Some conversational skills
f. Great dance moves
g. Good music sense
h. A SENSE OF HUMOUR!( though I think that comes tagged along with intelligence)
i. Maturity
j. Chivalry
k. Patience, because I have none these days.
l. Time
m. GREAT listening skills.
n. An appetite.
o. No time limits
p. Honesty
q. A temper when his patience limits are crossed.
r. Ability to think rationally.
s. Well-read
t. Kindness
u. Ability to surprise
v. Telepathy
w. A good laugh
x. A great handshake- the palm-to-palm one. Not the touch-my-finger-you-contaminated-organism one.
y. No compulsive religiousness ('WHY don't you believe in God yaar?'- because I don't! Don't interfere with reasonable choices I've already made!).
z. Writer and one with writer's blocks!
And will a guy like this make my Holi happy? NO! Because if one just suddenly appears from nowhere, and say 'Yoohoo! I'm the one!', I'm gonna be so cynical, I'll lock myself up in my room and write more blogs.
I give myself the creeps, I tell you.
But well, like Chacko said, "Love Madness Hope Infinite Joy"
I live on all these.
Happy Holi, I guess.


  1. my goodness! that's a long-long-long list of requirements...best of luck for it...
    and even I don't play holi anymore...
    don't have any particular reason..
    but I use that day to ride to my friend's native place about 100kms from b'bay ...of course they celebrate there, but I just go there to chill out..

  2. happy holi...i know im very late..but what the heck? :P

    quite a big must-have list u have there..:P

    experience tells me all lists come to nought when u fall in love...mebbe u already know that! :d


    and oh..do visit my blog :)
    Ive written a poem called "academic atyachar"...its shit..but shit is my usp anyway! :d


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