My head's kinda full of weird stuff right now.
For one thing the pain in my legs refuses to go. I have done nothing to deserve this. Okay, well maybe something, but nothing that said you can't walk from Takshila to home. Though I also have other explanations for it.
Second comes my play. Planning to do a Moulin Rouge this time around. Can't imagine Rao and Sachar dancing, can almost hear Ubhe going creaky. Turns out others have their apprehensions, don't blame them. We've got brains, but not all talent here.
So we settled on a story about that Raju Rajasthani phone call Rao got. We're about to make a blockbuster people, West End will envy us.
Then comes the badgering notion that I may well marry Hugh Jackman one of these days. Or Owen Wilson, whichever you please. Despite the fact that they're both a little older than my mother, and 'somebody's in the global scenario, while I've happily turned 18 years of age, and am a 'somebody' in a 9 story tall building. It doesn't matter you see, 'love' sees no boundaries. Blame 'Kate and Leopold'.
I also firmly believe that this Valentine's Day, like all Valentine's days, will be different. Only this time, I know for certain it will. I'm attending a friend's wedding. Where's my romantic time gonna come yaar?!
My best friend's girlfriend irks me. And I can't tell him that!
My other best friend sleeps all day long, or is at college. I haven't seen her in a month.
Talking of 'not seeing' two things come to my mind.
1. I have 'not seen/heard/spotted' my other best friend, Exfatriate, in 2 months, and that too after I'd given him the ultimatum that if he doesn't call me every 4 days, he's no longer on my favorite people's list (now THAT I made up on-the-spot, to scare him, which obviously did not have its desired effect). So Exfat, down you go.
2. To Saxxxy Rakhi- I am 'NOT seeing/dating' Ankle-man. For reason I can't seem to be too happy with. Maybe it's the 'da-' thing, you know.
My tooth with the bog cavity right in the front, incisor, I think, has been repaired, and the root canal treatment starts well, this coming Wednesday.
My classmates, who have a knack for coining new terms, have come up with these, in the past few months:
1. Newses- as in the plural of 'news'.
2. Spokersman- '"The party is in excellent form", said Blah-blah-butthead, the 'spokersman' of the BJP'
3. 'Guys and girls, question my answer'
Make whatever sense you want to. The third's becoming quite a phrase with the class these days, though I doubt how many actually mean it as a joke, and don't believe a term like that exists.
Sanil and gang did a skit where they used my photo for a scene, an enlarged version of one of my disp pics, they gave it to me!
I got the big pic I always wanted!
That's all I can remember now, ciao.

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  1. so ur into theater too eh? good good :)

    interesting terms...i guess it comes naturally wen ur in a group of youngsters studying and getting frustrated with assignments and exams :P

    CRD blog's been updated too..cya there


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