Hello. Blogging days are here again. Just for the record, my extremely busy schedule has been draggning me away from my favourite website (eradhikated, dearies) for this long. though I wrote in five days back, I must tell you what life's like after sixteen:nine entered it.
Like picture this. You skip the interviews for the teams because your mom says she doesn't want extra activities in your day without you skinning the bare necessities. When you do tell her that it's the International fest you've missed, she gasps and says, "But you should have asked! Such an important thing!!". You smile.
Two days later, a classmate asks you if you are interested in the Literature team. It doesn't take you a second to say 'yes'. So you meet the team. And you're in.
The next few weeks happen to be the one thing you work so hard you forget what life is.
Schedules include staying up till 1 in the night, completing articles for everything, writing about one incident in 4 different tones. God knows what else. Followed by submissions, projects, exams, rehearsals, rejections of those articles blah blah. Then the change in the HoD. And the following upsets, the backing of the teams, the arguments, the solutions, the settling back and work again.
To keep yourself headache-free, you sing. I have no clue what the SNIFF team thinks of me, but I do hope they like me. That's one lot I respect.
Well today they tried teasing me with the VCP. No denying I think he's cute. It started with me singing some 'Tumse Hi Pyaar' song by Aasma. As usual, there were questions like, "Oooh, ********'s not here, why you singing?", "Chal Radhe bataa hi de!" and all that...when I asked them, "Dude, you seriously think I don't have a life outside this room kya?"
It was a rhetorical question for them, but a nervous one for me. No I didn't have a life outside that room. It was me against the world outside the four walls. This isn't some stoic stance, but the truth. My life revolves around SNIFF today. If I'm not thinking about the work to be done, I'm thinking about some person or some incident that occurred in the room.
It's been like that since the day I joined this party. I've decided to commit myself to this, and there's no pulling me out of it.
The place is growng on me. I feel content sitting in one place, having my laptop blasting music in my ears, writing something or just watching people. Trouble is, I'm beginning to feel less happy about it, but content all the same. It's scary, people.
For the difference between 'content' and 'happy', try sitting at a dentist's chair with the knowledge that you tooth-ache will end soon after the gruelling root-canal.

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