Drugs and all..

MTV wassup caught me the day before yesterday, and tadaa! I was on TV yesterday!
it's about the drug racket actually...240 kids in a club held for drug detection. Kudos beta-log! Thou hast made a generation of kids who sincerely need to party victim of unnecessary suspicion from parents and all elders alike.
I wouldn't know if drugs were inches of me, you know. This humdrum happened in Juhu, very much the place my darling college is, and I think had it not been exam season a lot of people from my college would've been in the lot. Where on earth do these guys get to lay their hands on that load? How do they even consider snuffing anyway?
Takes us to the point of stereotyping- Rich kids, more drugs/smoking/whatever. Am I all that wrong when I say that the rich babbus are max in the oppsy list? Like, how many middle-class people do you find hanging out in clubs in the first place, let alone be caught with drugs? No offense intended (what the heck, this is MY blog!), but isn't not being able to afford a lot of things a blessing in disguise? I mean, when you can't afford it, you don't plunge in the first place. So the 'vicious' circle doesn't start.
This dude (really sorry, but what's your name again?) from MTV asked me if police raids are the way out of drug abuse. Urrgh, no. It's like, it's a good way, though very severe, to detect where all such activities are happening, then upto family, friends, pets, dhobis, kaamwali baai's to call for rehab. Police = diagnosis, rehab = solution. And awareness of course, though I think a lotta kids are getting their heads sorted. People know what's right and what's not. It's will, if you ask me.
I still don't know if any of my friends smoke up and all, but here's something:
I have a friend who comes from a reserved family in Borivali, he is very strong about his religious ideas, cried around for every mark in the paper, studies hard- but was the first to get absolutely, and I mean absolutely stoned at the Freshers' Party. Enough to go home and call his Grandmum 'sexy'.
And there's another, who carries an iPhone in his pocket, drives around in the city, has piercings, comes from the richest of schools, has super-liberal parents, eats non-veg despite of being a Brahmin, but doesn't see the point in doping. We're often asked why we don't smoke/booze. He says, "I don't think I'm missing out on anything. There're other ways of getting high, like try laughing till your sides ache".
Who is the stronger one?
What are principles?
Are we judging too shallow?
Till then, happy Dassehra. May all evil scramble out of your life like me when I see Prof. Srivastava entering the college.


  1. I agree, even I get confused sometimes, what is the key reason in getting kids spoiled?
    According to me its the company kids are in outside the house and inside the house.
    Its because of parents and his so called friends.
    Kids ape what their friends do, be it drugs/smoke/drinks.
    But their aping skills come from parents upbringing.
    I am not saying this is the only reason, for each case there are varied reasons.
    But this is the most important one.
    For me the reason behind not doing drugs/smoke/drinks is nearly same like that guy you mentioned.
    There are better ways to get a high or whatever that is. Bungee jumping, parkour, cycling(fast), biking, etc.
    Doing some crazy adrenaline rushing activity, riding a cycle downhill and then crashing into a heap of sand, its fun and no injuries!!!
    And you get a good high too!!!

  2. Dear Hellbound,
    I love your blog although its my first time on here and I'm glad I found it! I see you are a writer, have you read any books by salman rushdie? Hope you will find me through this trail.
    My respects and compliments and I would like to return here as one of your regular reader.


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