The sixteen:nine Diary

SNIFF stands for sixteen:nine International Film Festival, launched by the students of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management. It promotes student filmmaking and independent cinema through the medium of short films.
I'm a committee member/content writer for the Literature Department of SNIFF '09. This blog is a record of my thoughts and experiences during the making of SNIFF '09. I am entitled to an opinion about everything and due to superior verbal stamina, I have to talk about it.
In general, I love reading and listening to music in my free-time. My favourite activities include writing, dancing and playing throwball. I try to imitate planet Earth and sometimes even the Solar system while moving around, otherwise I'm pretty human. My two standing rules are:
1. No Khan-bashing (Khan being out VCP, who I respect tremendously)
2. No talking about SNIFF over food (which assures a SNIFF-free ambience for at least 2 hours everyday). To know more, read this!

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