La la la dididi lalala
It's been a fun summer so far (read:I'm out of being grounded), and only very few more things can make it more fun.
Story till now:
1. Dostini's studying full-swing. If she gets more padhaako,i'm gonna have to start calling her Hermione Granger. she'd like that,daresay. she's coming with me for the Shiamak friends' special. Yayyy!!
2.Saxxxy Rakhi's gonna convert to Japanism. Implies, now she's eating with chopsticks and relishes lizards and bugs. She devoured a live snake in one go the other day. Russell's viper, at that. cool na?
3.Dubbed's still in Mallu gaao. i miss having her omnipresence around. Like she's never not there. SMS's occasionally come this way.
4.Branded. I'm missing him like never before, specially since the Madhavan-Vidya Airtel ad. Maddy leaks Branded. Damn i miss that super sweet bugger. Come back!!
5.Lambodar's back. He's had a helluva time in Goa. keeps beaming all through. Lucky bugger. I'm running off with him the next time. There's a talk of a Karaoke bar. oooooooooohhhhhh.
6.Perennial Smarty***trying hard to keep a straight face***. I hate weekdays. He's never around for carrom. I can't monopolize without that guy. okay, fine. No i'm not giggling.


  1. im guessing u were talking abt ur frnds circle...

    is rakhi sawant also among ur frnds :P..sorry..the sAAxy and JAPANism made me feel tht way :P

    keep posting

    oh btw ive made a community like to invite u to join

    join this new blogger community.

    atleast have a look


  2. Im sorry but even the souls of those dead animals will be cursed for them being fed to rakhi sawant :P

    and even chris is


    my blog:

    and im not gonna ask you to ATLEAST HAVE A LOOK like chris did [:D]

    CHeers again!

  3. I simply cannot relate both of these things to the same girl..that is..Imitating Rakhi Sawant and Amazingly clever :P

    And yea about the poem...It was bound to be overly emotional when I think about my childhood :)


  4. happened to go through the TOI newspaper today...
    are you the same radhika mohandas
    who wrote that article for the education times supplement...
    anyways.. if you happen to be that person..
    nice work..and congratulations


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