Things that hurt

Felt like it, wrote it.

I wish you could see me wake up mom
While you made the breakfast today
And while you told me to take the dog down
I wish you'd heard what i'd to say

I wish you could see me grin at you
And ask for a morning hug
When you wiped through the furniture and cleaned the floor
And put on the brand new rug

I wish you'd watch me dress up mom,
just as i stepped outdoors
and tell me what sandal i should wear
while you were doing the chores.

you should've really seen me dust the table
and make the living room spotlessly clean
so that the seating's perfect and the beds are neat
and in the sunlight the glasstops gleam

you really made a good lunch today
A feast i'd never miss
and when i came to thank you for the meal
you were too busy for my kiss

so you'd missed the best years of your life
growing a clan of your own
and when you look back and reminisce
you'd see two great kids you've grown

I'm sorry that i hurt you the other day
when i refused to walk the dog
My leg was hurting and i couldn't tell
When you called me a lifeless log

I'm sorry for screaming at my younger brother
because he misbehaved
but i couldn't help stopping him rot
and it was your attention for which i craved

I'm sorry for the classes i had to bunk
because of the headache that day
and you said i was wasting your hard earned money
and that i was wasting away

I'm sorry for listening to everything
when i could've had a ball
for helping you about, and studying hard
And acting to your call

I'm sorry for the times i wasnt naughty
when you asked me to be a child
I really believed it'd cause you way less trouble
If i refrained and didn't act wild

I really thought i'd be a good girl
and never repent for that
I wanted to make life easier for you mum
while you spent all your time on that brat

I thought it'd be okay to wipe your eyes
after everytime your son made you cry
I never believed and still won't
when all i can think,is 'why did i?'

I'm sorry for the trouble mom
I thought i'd be a good girl and make you smile
Is it because you never could have your way mom,
that you never let me have mine?

why do i feel like a report card mom?
why do i feel like a weighing scale?
why do i feel that all i count for
is how much i weigh and i don't fail?

Thanks for the money you give me mom
Though daddy could've given it to me too
all i'm asking is for a little more attention mom
or for that, i wish i were your problem too.


  1. EEps.

    Well, was listening to Led Zeppelin's "Going to California". And it accentuated the feeling of irritation, rebellion, and gloom in this poem.

    I shouldn't judge you, and I won't. I'm just describing what this poem has made me go through.

    Very Strong.

  2. Hmmm, well I think u shud give a print out of this poem to ur ma.... No one can ignore this one..

  3. Gosh!I've felt the same..I still do..i fell i've lost out on so many things coz i thought i dint want my parents to fell burdened..since i was a kid i always sacrificed my needs. but my siblings always got the clothes, computers,instruments,sports kits,etc tht they wanted. my parents always felt i wasnt interested in anything and never asked me.

    i really regret missing out on so many things.

    sometimes i wonder if all first kids face the same things.

    blogrolling ya..

    and yeah..looking fwd to u joining my community too [:P]

  4. i'll concur with both alok and c r d
    it made me feel both the things which they happen to put down in their comments earlier ...
    tho on the brighter side ... i dont try too hard to keep my parents happy .... :) i live life on my terms ... try it sumtime its fun ...


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