Down under

Aussies are deranged mongloids.No, i'm not a possessed cricket fan who prays for the well-being of the team every morning, its just a lil fact, which i'm sure will make even you agree with my say here.
harbhajan batting, or bowling or watevah..see i dont even know when the incidence happened. Andrew symmonds, who by now every conscious Indian has something against, passes him. Bhajji the great says something like 'teri maa ki' to the hairball.
if this incidence were to happen in our country, between two adults playing a crucial, tending to violent game of cricket, as were the circumstances in the above instance, such a statement,'teri maa ki', would have lead to the abuser as well as the abused being thrashed to death by the opponent teams.We are all mother worshippers, and hence, even a suggestion of an anti-momma word would definitely land someone in the hospital.As you all should know, what follows after the 'ki' in the 'teri maa ki' isn't the nicest thing to say abt anyone, least of all a mother.
case in point: mr.symmonds.i think he needs a haircut.or mebbe its his earhair we can see growing out..but whatever the growth is,its definitely addled his hearing ability.because as you oughta know unless you've been in a coma for the past week, andrew heard 'MONKEY'.
monkey??teri monkey??for goodness' sake, symmonds,no one gets racially offended if you abuse your non-existent pet monkey. or may be you do own one.but that's not the point. and racial??why on earth would someone call you a 'monkey' to abuse you,and bless you dear, no one from India, let alone our exhuberant Punjab, leaves it at monkey. and pray tell me, how does tht become racial?so we all are descendants of monkeys..
daa!!there it is!he thought harbhajan was abusing his ancestors!!..but i guess he went a lil deaf when hearing which one though.
Or may be, jus maybe, because they live on an isolated landmass, they feel really lonely and act this way when in company of humans.If i see ponting jumping about demented with joy at another victory,i'll be expecting him to carry his babies in a pouch next time.
Mr.Kumble, forgiveness is all divine,but make it clear they shouldn't act human to our god-likes, and err again.
and the cricket body is dumb enough to make this a case.sometimes i cant help but nod when they say the country's going to the dogs, or may be monkeys.what if they'd known wat the right thing was?but it still doesnt matter..'b******s' wasn't to offensive for them.
advise to harbhajan: your one lucky dog/monkey...(will i be sued for this??please do that, i could do with not answering a few papers.)


  1. U r being so naive.'teri Maa ki...'is the most overused and underrated slang in India. I have learned to live with this fact. :(

  2. Good point. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but these days nothing seems to hurt any sentiment of our countrymen, even if it berates their mothers.


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