Consonants and Bowels.

Amazing what an induced insomniac with digestion problems can come up with at 4 in the morn. For all you dimwitted imps who couldn’t figure, 'induced insomniac with digestion problems' would mean me. I don’t remember having eaten anything out of place yesterday. Yesterday from any other day I’ve lived, as I can make a long list of 'what should not have been swallowed' for everyday except. But no-oh. The indigestion has to come, at a crucial point when you are 12 hours short of your prelim papers, and 16 of your big chemical bang.Facts that aren’t helping me right now: the BMC'S cut off the water supply for an indefinite period, and that I can’t seem to think of anything other than the Trojan horse, courtesy something I read yesterday. Also an intriguingly conscious conscience prickling incessantly pleading me to grab a chemistry book instead. 'If mum were awake....’. How is the world, so grown up, supposed to relate to the woes of a farty 17 year old?Other things that don’t make sense at the moment: 14 year old brother sitting up in bed, eyes wide open and yelling 'hello??helloooo??' into an invisible phone. Had I been a little more awake I would have rushed for the cell phone and recorded the git. Probably blackmailed him with it for the rest of his life. But for the life of me, I won't. Apparently I too talk in my sleep, and what disturbs me the most, is the point that my mum says I answer any question articulately and diligently in my sleep. Okay, I do have a clear conscience, but should I sue her for 'slander under semiconscious state'? You made me a Telgi.


  1. Breaking News!!!!NARCO analysis to be carried out on well soon!
    P.S. faced the same irritation of bowels two days back...but now i m so fit that i dared to try a samosa...thanks to lomotil.....damn effective medicine...

  2. ok
    u dimwitted git!!!
    u shud have recorded it ;)


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