And we never seemed to go ahead

Despite of the fact that i see wonder-boy,let's call him Super right now, every single day, i never ceased to find him cute.It's been a year since we first,and last spoke, and it's those undescribable awkward moments, when we come within a few feet of each other, it’s those awkward moments, when you cant seem to remember your resolution of even smiling at the person you talk to so often online, and the only way out is to turn your head and wish the earth would swallow you up. Takes me back to the second phase...

Part 2:And she used her brains

A little bit of a calculative and observational nature comes handy. He once stepped out of a classroom in the corridor when I was passing by, and this time only I saw him, I think. The next moment, an old friend of mine stepped out from the same classroom. Conversation began, and I eventually found out, that this in fact, was the FYJC, and now, I knew not only his standard (yippee!) but also, his division. Sly I also figured out his timetable.
I do feel like a stalker at times, I mentioned it earlier, but this was my closest encounter to being one. Hence manifesting my obnoxious tendency to exaggerate.
So here I was, I knew his class, timetable. But not his name.
‘Aate jaate khoobsurat aawara sadko pe
Kabhi kabhi ittefaaq se
Kitne anjaan log mil jaate hai
Unn mein se kuchh log bhool jaate hai
Kuchh yaad reh jaate hai’

And how!
A girl with a crush is definitely one thing I love being. Those random moments when songs just strike you as if they’ve been written for you. Stolen glances. Just knowing you have a reason to go to college.
It wasn’t as if he was the only cute guy around, you know, but this fellow, Super, was the most endearing of the lot.
Sheesh, 5 days more and I won’t be going to college. But I guess I’ll keep thinking about Super till I cease to think!


  1. i wanted u 2 discover it urself yaar n then hea ur comment
    anyway cuttinga chai is urs trulys elder sister

  2. Thats some feeling!..Those butterflies-in-the-stomach and the croaky sound which comes up when we try to put together something intelligent or plain interesting to THE ONE. Been there, done that!..:D


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