My super-secret extended-ninja-best friends

To make this the most obvious post, this is for the eyes of everyone, and for the attention of three people.
1. Is the Ninja part of it. She's hilarious, cute, amazingly retarded, possess no amount of attitude whatsoever, and is the world's most verbose chick. She could feature on the cover of Cosmo, Tintin and Archies at once. Her habits ("Duuuuude!", Snow Patrol, "I CAN'T speak hindi yaa!", "We're talking about such INANE stuff...") have attached themselves to me. I love her bwahahahaing.
I just miss her a lot right now, and if she does read this, I hope she revives that derangedpandabear blog of hers.
2. Is best friends. Bloody lawyer. Born to blab and argue. Makes crazy Chinese Smiley from icons he gets godknowswhere. Says the most sane things. Is online (yes, except for one time this vacation, I haven't met him in 5 years) at the most required hours, especially in times of distress (not damsel am I a) and can blah blah blah his way out of anything. Never thought I'd be overruled in most of my arguments, but yeah- that's him. Kapdap. Woooohooo Long distance nutcase :P
3. Extended me. As queer as it sounds, he's like an alter ego thingy now, so when I'm talking to this one, it's more like talking to myself. Writerfolk, camerapeople, bandaddicts. Loooooooong time no see's ALL the time, and we could walk right past each other 5 times a day. Has inspired volatile rage, absolute calm, and headsplitting laughter. Someone who just gets it, needn't try hard. To hell with the world, always on his own track. And I like it that way. Undefined. My fav to him- you're you, I'm me. (Ok at least come more often on gtalk! Abandoning fb does NOT include stepping into yapping-abyss!)

That's it :P


  1. LoL
    its sweet of you to admit your defeat :P
    Hows life ?
    I know its been long ... Hell of a semester..
    Mostly coming home for a quick weekend in August, shall try and meet up !!!
    Who is the ninja ? I love Snow Patrol too !!


  2. a comeback post..! .. good to have you back..
    so we can expect more.. good that you have such cool pals..

  3. @Kapman- Complimenting you in NOT defeat. I told you, we need to say nice (and true) stuff to one another- all we do is argue.
    You're coming this weekend, you told me. And very smartly missing my birthday. Ninja is the same girl you ticked off that day, when she was over for a stayover.
    @Sankoobaba :) I ij baak! I have supercool pals, yeh toh sirf trailor hai :)

  4. This is incredibly sweet, homie. I can't believe i found this NOW! Almost two weeks after you post it. And yes, inane is a nice and hefty word to throw around in a conversation. :)

    in case you STILL don't know who this is, who's you're only friend who calls you homie? :P


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