Little somethings

It's been a very eventful week. The outcome hasn't been to clear, but all the same, the determination, or rather the obstinacy to stay all smiling has pulled me through. Adrenaline rushes rule the roost, while it's getting tougher to hold back emotions. Okay, getting to the point, here's something I came up with.

There's a little something
I should've said a while ago
But a little part of me
Still doesn't want you to know

About the butterflies I get
When you're here
How you fog up my head
When you're here

And I can't blame you for taking me away
From where I am when you're here

I try to catch your eye and let myself go
I try to be by your side without letting you know
And when you nudge me outta my dream about you
I see you smiling in my reality too
Don't wake me now
Don't let the dream disappear
The dream that I dream
When you're here

The times we pretend we'd do without the other
Ones when we pretend we couldn't be bothered
The blood ion my cheeks that lights up my eyes
The fire in your heart that turns mine into ice

Let's pretend we're alone
Let's pretend things aren't still clear
But deep down I know you can still hear
Those little things my heart says when you're here.


And your take is...