I've had one grand day today.
1.Maushi called up from Borivli.Nikhil's got fellowship at Stanford!Lucky bugger gets paid to study!reason to part-aaaaayyyyyyy!
come to think of it,the Donde's must be ordering a gold bust of his to be put up in some CKP hall.

2.I'm selected on the CEB.For all those who care to know,it's the College Editorial Board, by the Education Times,that 4 page suppliment you get with TOI.I have no clue how many apply for it,but who cares?I'm on, babe-aayyyy!!(question:what the hell am i supposed to talk about,or even write about there?)..I'm sooo happppyyyyy!
(missing my mum,go find out what Vipassana is yourself)

3.I got my nose pierced.Yeah,finally!I'd promised to do it sometime this week,and since procrastination is a thing of the past,I decided to do it,this evening.It's on the left side,and got a silver wire stuck there till it's okay to put something i want to.

4.Saxxxy and Dabba have minimised abusing.I'm down and out with chocolates, or anything as brown and delicious.Dostini's in awe of the will-power.Perennial smarty's seeing his chances at humour go bleak. Like jokes can't stay clean when you're above 17.

5.I joined SDIPA, or Shiamak's!My dream for the past 4 years. Now i can dance, in a more organised fashion. Probably will land up being the phatest in the lot, but i'm more than used to it.

Yeh kaunse janam ke punya ka phal praapt kar rahi hu?

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  1. looks like u are keeping urself busy !!
    u one lucky girl, i had to study for my entrances :(


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