All things random.

Morning again.Scribe's just back from a morning walk and is slightly grumpy.Wonder why though..shouldnt happen when you go strictly with the intention of losing a few calories and land up chatting to 2 of your building friends on the park benches.mortal peril i faced:cricket balls,missing my neck,and one hitting my knee hard.i can still walk though.
I've had a mentally busy weekend.Been thinking a lot.about all the random things in the universe.
To start with my fading best friend Vague.He's lost into the abyss.For all i can guess, he gets up at 4am every morning,studies,for god knows how long,then eats, then studies,then plays that holy football game.Then perhaps comes back tired,obsesses over his girl who's off to the U.S., and then studies a little more.Then he must be eating,going to class to answer some really pakaav tests 3 stations away from home, humming some gospel music to himself.oh, today being a sunday, he may do it faster than 3 moves per minute, and rush to church. he'll chuckle around with the boys a lil..but won't hang around (i'm not there, am i?).then he'll absent mindedly go to the station..running,then walking,then in strides..not knowing what he's upto precisely.if he reaches home on time, he'll have a bath, have dinner and be tucked in by 10.30pm.exceeding which is WAY too late.
I miss the bugger.For the times he's wanted to talk,or just call up and hummed some songs i've never heard, for pushing me to do better, for saying nothing at all for an entire phone conversation he called, for getting upset because a careless girl ripped his heart, for telling me how to hold the guitar for the first time. i miss him for the tmes he'd stick his tongue out and wag it, for holding his head in his palms when he just wants to be alone, for sucking his lower lip when he's thinking, for fumbling with Nimisha ma'am's answers.For the times he thinks he's being all happy (and gay) but always forgetting that i saw right through.For seeing right through me.For coming to Andheri station with me, just because that was one day i knew we needed each other the most.
Vague because his head is in the clouds, all the time.vague because he gets on your nerves with a smile where you expect an answer and a chickle where you want him to be serious, Vague becase the Xth spinal nerve is the only one that runs all over your body, and they call it 'Vagus'.Vague because he can change the topic of conversation midsentence.
Vague because i miss him, and don't know where to find him.Vague because he's as ready to do anything i ask him to for me, as i am to do anything for him.
Love ya, you wild idiot.You make my day and can't stop missing you!

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  1. call him u idiot,while u still can!!!! the blog sounds like an eulogy u wrote for the memories or something.


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