Over time.

There you are, my story
Pretending to ignore me
Pretending I don’t exist
Pretending you never saw me

Pretending you never felt it too
Assuming I still wouldn’t.
Believing every lie
And pretending you didn’t read through.

We’ll stay a mystery
To us and them and us again
Accident that never happened
A scar in denial
A happy tear you never shed.

I’ll look at the ground
You look at the sky
We’ll never settle for
Eye to eye

I turn my face
You stare so hard
My skin’s beginning to burn now
Time heals nothing
I will never learn
I guess I’ll stand
And wait my turn

Till you’re done looking around
I hope you’d liked what you’d found
Because these are terrible times
And I simply know
That time won’t stop to
Wait for you to grow
The madness I thought
I’d left behind
I’m disappointed to say
That if you ever do turn
I still hope that
It’s me you find.

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