Imagine your secret spilling out
And the one it’s about getting to know
And the little flash of surprise in his eyes
And then the awkward silence that hangs between you
Threatening to puncture your lungs
Your eyes and you face and blacken your nails
All because a little secret
Is a lie you told and yet didn’t
Now every movement is magnified
Every word then is careful and chosen
There’s a flicker of greed to know more
In the same eyes that doubt you too
Why did it stay so long?
Is this the complete truth?
Was it meant to hurt?
Was it meant to break?
Was it meant to protect?
Imagine those questions in his eyes
And the vulnerability of you both in that moment
Only, he doesn’t know he’s a little less broken
The secret wasn’t his.
If it’s dark, you’re lucky
You can pretend to be someone else
That only means another secret.

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