In my head

"Up yet?"
"You woke me"
"Hmmm...should I call later?"
"No, it's fine. What happened? Wassup?"
"It's gonna take some time, you free for a while?"
"Yeah yeah, tell"
"I thought about it"
"Wait, I'm talking to you after a week, you thought about what?"
"Our conversation a few months back"

"I think I know what you're talking about. I'm just surprised you should bring it up. I thought we finished with it"
"I know, that was what I thought too. Like that was long ago"
"Ohk. Well?"

"So how's Anvit?" "Yeah he's good. Out for the vacation" "Hmmm, and Mohit?"
"Haven't spoken to him since ages. Why you asking?"

"So you like Anvit?"
"No re, nothing serious. He was something like an overblown infatuation."

"Was I one?"
"Do we have to talk about this?"
"Just curious. Sorry"
"No it's fine. If you must know, you were more than infatuation"

"Okay, so tell me, how's Priyal?"
"I don't know"
"Haven't met in a while or what?"
"We split"

"Oh gosh.I'm so sorry to hear that"
"Yeah she decided I was getting too serious"

"This happened a month back. Or wait, 2 months back"

"It'll be ok. If you really like her she'll come back to you"
"You think so?"
"I don't know. I hope so"

"Did you really like me that much?"

"How much?"
"You know, that I'd come back, or something"
"I did like you a lot, I don't know how much though"

"'I did'? You've moved on well na?"
"Pretty much. See even you'll get over her. It's just a matter of time. She'll come back to you if this has to happen. It's a-"
"Did you wish I'd come back to you if we were to happen?"

"This is about you, not me. Let's not mix the two"
"Answer me"
"Answer me"
"Well, to an extent I did"
"You still think so?"
"Where's this going?"
"She decided I was getting too serious about you"

"Did you remind her we weren't ever together?"
"Then you should have. Do it now"
"What'll happen then?"
"Then she'll understand and you guys'll be together again"
"What if I don't want that?"

"Chaitanya, what's the matter?"
"I couldn't stop think about what you said"
"What did I say?"
"The part that you couldn't figure what you liked about me, but you did"
"What about it?"
"I think I'm seeing sense for the first time in months"

"You've stopped making any to me for the past 5 minutes"
"Reva, I haven't stopped thinking about you for the past 4 months"

"So you think Priyal's right?"
"I know she is"

"Chaitanya, I got over you 4 weeks after our conversation"
"So I don't stand a chance?"
"What do you want me to say?"

"Don't you feel even a fraction the same about me?"
"I moved on"

"Are you with someone?"
"Do I know him?"
"It's Deep"
"Oh, ok"

"I'm, well, I'm sorry to have hurt you"
"Oh it's no big deal"
"I hope you guys do well"
"Now you're sounding like an obituary"
"I guess. Just that, I'll always be around for you, okay?"

"I guess, bye, then"
"Hmmm, yeah. And Chaitanya..."
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Deep"
"Aah that's ok. I kept Priyal a secret too, remember?"
"It wasn't to get even"
"I know. Well, bye"
"You'll be therein the evening?"

"I'll be in class. I'll be back, by say, 9.15"

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  1. i am really impressed... kinda creative with no explanation, just barged in thoughts without any need or worry to give a prologue or epilogue... fascinating stuff...


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